Metamoris 3, and Stupid Cold Weather

You know, I was really going to try to be one of those people that didn’t write about how it’s hella cold where they are now. I could deal with the near foot of snow yesterday, but the biting wind that is blowing all over the place is making me grumpy, and annoyed.

Anyway, so, the Metamoris 3 lineup came out.

metamoris 3

From what I understand (Groundwork BJJ mentioned something about it on their Twitter feed) they are offering a discount on the streaming of this event until  January 31st. It’s $10 at this point: I’d say jump on that sale like it’s 4am on Black Friday. You can purchase a ticket for the stream here.

Also, how does one get a nickname like Babalu? It’s just fun to say. And what’s up with the thumb thing with Eddie Bravo and his team? I haven’t actually watched the promo video yet: it just looks like they are asking me to join a cult. Which really sort of turns me off from wanting to watch it in the first place.

Anyway- are you planning on watching? Let me know!


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3 responses to “Metamoris 3, and Stupid Cold Weather

  1. I am so excited about metamoris 3. It is going to amazing!! The line up is amazing!!! Keenan corneulius is a beast. samir’s game is beautiful to watch. really looking forward to the eddie V royler rematch!

  2. AnthonyR

    I don’t think that there is 1 match on this line up that doesn’t excite me. 🙂 Unfortunately I’m working when it airs, so I’ll have to watch it after the fact.

  3. The official version is he used to chew bubbaloo gum all the time. How bubbaloo became babalu I have no idea.

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