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Happy Friday: Your Jiu Jitsu Soundtrack Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

Lex has an interesting post about the music that best represents your jiu jitsu.

It depends on what sort of mindset I’m in, really. I’m just linking to the Youtube videos instead of putting them in here, just because there are a number of them.

On days I’m feeling really technical, everything is falling into place and one move is just flowing into the other, it’s something like Ludovico Einaudi’s Divenire.

On days I’m feeling sort of experimental and “playing” around, it’s more One Republic’s Counting Stars– which I was actually whistling while I was training earlier this week. My apologies to my teammates- I do that, now and again.

And then on days when I really want to push the action and be on the offensive, it’s more Alexisonfire’s “This Could be Anywhere in the World“, “Mailbox Arson” or “Get Fighted” (fyi, explicit language in these ones) .

I feel they all have their place, so I’m not going to try to narrow it down to just one song. What song(s) or music genre(s) do you feel best describes your jiu jitsu? Let me know- otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!


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