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Jiu Jitsu: The ‘One Size Fits All’ Sport

I mentioned this before, I think- anyone can really start and do well in jiu jitsu when it comes to body types, which is a claim that not too many sports can make. Some can make that claim as well, but as opposed to sports like gymnastics, basketball, etc. there’s no height requirement, body shape or design that you would look at and say “that’s totally a jiu jitsu body”. Some may mention the tall and lanky, but that’s really a misconception. That’s a particular body type for a certain game in jiu jitsu and even then while it may seem great to have those long arms and legs, they can be liabilities on the mat as well. Short, tall, wide, narrow, short and long body parts here, there and everywhere: every body type has its advantages and disadvantages.

The name of the game-well, your game- is to find what works best for you and use those techniques that best fit. Sometimes this can be a technique that is almost ‘straight out of the box’, for lack of a better term; almost like it was made by someone just like you and fits like glove. There are other techniques out there that you may really like, and you can really sense the potential behind, they may just need to be adjusted to fit your size: you may also need to adjust a technique due to an injury, something- really the list could go on and on.  The wonderful thing about jiu jitsu is that it is a sport that is constantly evolving, because so many make these adjustments in response to both their opponents’ reactions, and just how their body will best move to further the match- either via sweep, position or submission.

There are really only a few things you truly need to truly succeed and progress in jiu jitsu: an open mind, a certain amount of humility and not only a willingness to learn, but also to put in hard work. Some of these adjustments and discoveries will take a long time or will only reveal themselves after you’ve put in a substantial amount of work. You can find the game that fits your body type and size, you just need to go out and find it.


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