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BJJ Shower Thoughts

Have you heard of Shower Thoughts from Reddit? Just random musings that people come up with that are just random musings that can potentially be brilliant? For example:

“I have a feeling that Bruce Wayne would be better at fixing Gotham than Batman. Batman spends hours a day punching college dropouts when Bruce Wayne could create jobs by building the infrastructure that Gotham desperately needs and funding major job training initiatives.”

I’m sure we’ve all had random thoughts about jiu jitsu that could also qualify as shower thoughts. For example:

-Velcro on belts to keep them tied

-If you had to fight your BJJ twin (someone with literally the same game, submissions, etc) how would that match go?

-Does Eddie Bravo ever get confused by the all the different names he comes up with for techniques?

-if I change my name to something Portuguese sounding, will that make my jiu jitsu .02 percent better?

-Would you ever really be able to pass the guard of a professional contortionist?

These aren’t really meant to be taken seriously, obviously. Let me know if you’ve had any jiu jitsu shower thoughts of your own recently. Otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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