The Guidelines..

There are a couple of Rules I keep ’round here:

1. I will not explain most techniques at length.

No, seriously dude, go to class if you’re that hot about learning something new, talk to your instructor and make yourself sound like the awesome student of the day. I will probably only really describe one if I don’t know the name for it, to offer an idea of what the hell it is.

2. I will not trash-talk other people’s training, etc.

I don’t know what they are working on, honestly, unless they tell me, and that is completely to their discretion. I do not feel it is my place to seriously critique another person’s game. I’m not a black belt, and so there should be fair warning that whenever I talk about another person’s technique, I am (hopefully not, but) probably talking out of my ass. Maybe it was an off day for them, maybe they saw an opportunity for something I did not see: I don’t know, nor do I attempt to interpret the actions of others on the mat . Usually.

3. I will try to make this blog as interesting as possible, but sometimes I’m just not that interesting.

Sometimes the words are only as good as the person who writes them, and we all have off days. Keep that in mind.

6 responses to “The Guidelines..

  1. Very cool blog! By the way, thank you for sending referrals our way…we would like to talk to you about doing the same. Contact me anytime!

  2. We have some talented writers on our site if you ever want to borrow content. We would also like to feature some of your writing on our site as well.

    • Katie

      Hi there, thanks for the offer- you’re more than welcome to use some of my writing on your site, just please mention it came from my blog and provide a link back, if not to the original source at least to the blog in general. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Hey Katie, I’m Jack. I liked your post about fundamentals and reblogged it over at The Worthwhile Struggle. It also inspired me to write my own post about fundamentals. Just wanted to let you know (I’ll be mentioning your post in mine) and to tell you I like your stuff!

  4. MadSiss

    Hi Katie,
    I very much like your articles. I’m new to this blogging thing and I was hoping to maybe pick your brain sometime.

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