Metamoris on Booking Women’s Matches- They Can’t “Afford” Them

In an article on Girljitsu according to Ralek Gracie- head of the Metamoris event, the organization can’t afford to put together more women’s matches. It sounds like there is a promise to put women on a prelim card, but there’s a lot of pressure in regards to who is placed in the main event.

“It’s absolutely not a joke who ends up on the card.” says Gracie.

donkey guard

…you want to run that by me again, Ralek?

In all seriousness though, I understand that he wants to appeal to the most people as possible, but I think he’s doing his own organization a great disservice by not including more women’s matches. I mean damn, even the UFC got on board and started including more women’s matches. I read the article, I know Ralek attributes this change to Rousey and her rise to fame, but really it was only a matter of time- well, I think it was.

What do you guys think about the whole thing? Let me know- otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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7 responses to “Metamoris on Booking Women’s Matches- They Can’t “Afford” Them

  1. After watching the most recent Eddie Bravo Invitational, I think Metamoris needs to give itself a good shake.

    Doesn’t matter what gender the grapplers are, as long as they’re high quality, exciting matches.

  2. I wrote a post before Ralek Gracie gave his interview on how under-appreciated women are in jiu jitsu. The new prize money being offered at top competitions is vastly lower for women. Also, many academies don’t post photos of women on their sites. It certainly doesn’t encourage more women to start jiu jitsu.

  3. Anne

    He says “Even though we know the core audience and what they’re interested in, we have to constantly be on the boundaries. We have to be constantly pushing the edge of what our viewership is, otherwise we won’t survive”. Just like Ronda led many women with no prior interest in mma (wives, girlfriends, daughters) to start watching ufc events, doesn’t he realize that adding women to the card is precisely a way to increase their viewership??

  4. Amber

    I agree- matter of time- that’s sexist and infuriating really- I hope Ralek gets it together

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  6. I wrote about it on my blog here:

    It is disappointing, sexist, and short sighted. He has $140,000 to drop on one fighter for up to 12 matches, but can’t “afford” a single woman’s match per Metamoris. Lovely.

    It’s frustrating to have women intentionally hedged out of this, especially since it is for such sexist reasons.

    His conversation should have been kept to friends only, not as a public statement.

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