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Interesting Article on the Evolution of Jiu Jitsu by the Grumpy Grappler

Thomas of The Grumpy Grappler has an interesting post about the evolution of jiu jitsu, and poses the question of whether or not we are advancing the art of jiu jitsu, or if we are muddying the waters- if you will- and what we view to be progress is actually a detriment to the sport/art?

Let me know: otherwise, have a great day everyone!

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Ronda Rousey and Wrestlemania… Really? Sigh.

I know some people are really into pro wrestling in addition to MMA: I know this isn’t even the first pro wrestling/MMA cross-over. Brock Lesner has that honor, as far as I know- please feel free to correct me if this isn’t the case (although of course someone will correct me: this is the internet, afterall).

But I can’t help but just sigh a little in disappointment ever time I see these crossovers happen.

Rousey apparently threw one wrestler around, and “beat up” another one.

Ok, let’s be real folks, no one was legitimately beating anyone else up, and if you really think that’s what happened, I have some bad news for your regarding the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus…

I even understand a number of people probably love this kind of cross-over, but considering the bad rap MMA gets, is this really the sort of publicity the sport needs?

Let me know what you guys think. Otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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Happy Friday! Granny Hair Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

So I’ve mentioned this a couple of times before (in passing), but I found my first gray hair when I was 15, and have slowly but surely have been developing a streak over the years.


it’s faint in this photo, but you can kind of see it

And now, apparently that’s becoming a cool thing.

There’s an article on Elite Daily about women who are intentionally dyeing their hair gray as a fashion statement.

I’m so out of fashion, I’m in fashion. Excellent.

Just wanted to share with you all. Have a great weekend everyone!


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Article on What Beginners Should Know When Starting BJJ

Breaking Muscle has a pretty good article on what beginners should know when starting BJJ.

Check it out, and let me know if there is anything you think that should be added to the list.

Have a great day everyone!

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Metamoris and Gary Tonon- Huh?

So, due to the fact that I have a 9-5 job and spend the majority of my conscious moments on the mat, admittedly sometimes it feels like I live under a rock.

This would be one of those times:


First of all, I had no idea Metamoris was even in a position to offer this kind of deal to any competitor, or that they had offered it to Tonon. Second, I had no idea there was a response on Tonon’s end, declining the offer. I found all of this out through Instagram: which Metamoris, let’s be real, that’s an equally brilliant and awful way to publish a press release. Awful mainly, but brilliant in the “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” sort of way.

What do you guys think? There is a HUGE piece of the story we’re (obviously) not getting here. Anyone know more about this? Let me know- otherwise, have a great day everyone!

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Metamoris 6 Line Up

The black speedo shorts are back everyone…

Metamoris recently released their line up for their next event: some of the more notable matches are Chael Sonnen vs Renato Sobral, Clark Gracie vs Roberto Satoshi, and Cyborg vs Mr. Speedo himself, Josh Barnett. The only real head scratcher- at first glance anyway- is Xande Ribeiro and Keenan Cornelius. I see a lot of pressure in Cornelius’ future. And a lot of feet and use of flexibility on Keenan’s end. It’s either going to be a super interesting match, or there is a very real (and sadly, boring) possibility that the two are going to get tied up and go nowhere for 20 minutes. Keep your fingers crossed for the former, kids.

Take a look at the site, and let me know what match you’re looking the most forward to. Or which one you’re dreading the most (let’s be honest here, there’s probably one you took a look at and said “oh no, really?”).

Have a great day everyone!

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Jiu Jitsu and Lessons in Humility

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but if I haven’t, I truly believe that Jiu jitsu is for everyBODY, not everybody. Jiu jitsu can accomodate the tall, the short, the lanky, the stocky- the list goes on and on. What ties all these people together- of all ages, races, really any demographic you can come up with, is a will and strength of character in the face of adversity, injury, and defeat.

in jiu jitsu, you WILL lose. You’ll lose matches you thought you should have won- you’ll also occasionally win matches you thought you totally should have lost. You’ll lose at white belt, you’ll lose at black belt. You’ll lose and think back on the match and reprimand yourself, saying that you know better than to do that thing at that time and what the hell were you thinking.

These losses are lessons in humility- they are very real, in your face reminders that you still have a lot to learn, even if you feel you have a certain proficiency, hell- mastery even of jiu jitsu. And it’s what you do with those reminders that define you as a jiu jitsu player. Do you make excuses, tell yourself that it was because you were feeling off that day, or do you accept that mistakes were made, and that you need to head back to the mats- to learn more and hone your technique? Do you hide from these reminders, or do you use them as motivation to go to class, to drill and understand your mistakes in an effort to correct them? Using your losses as opportunities to recognize your weaknesses and shortcomings will ultimately make you the better jitsuka, but you need to face these losses and short comings in order to improve.

Just some food for thought- have a great day everyone!


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Happy Friday! Respectful Competitor Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

If there is one thing you could say about the jiu jitsu community, it’s that for the most part its participants and competitors are tremendously respectful, particularly at the higher levels.

GracieMag recently published an article about how one competitor, Monique Elias of Alliance, injured her ankle during one of her matches at Pans. And, true to the character of a jiu jitsu player (aka, being stubborn as all hell), Elias decided to continuing to compete even with her injury.

The tournament continued, and none of her competitors went after the ankle- which, it didn’t even occur to me until it was mentioned in the article, but technically it’s not illegal to attack an injured limb.

It’s the respect they had for her- and for their own technique, I feel, that made everyone avoid her injured ankle. Everyone wants to win, obviously, but they also want to show their skill, and respect their fellow competitors. Personally it wouldn’t even occur to me to attack an injured limb- if anything, in all honesty I would try to avoid it at all costs. What sort of skill and technique mastery are you displaying by intentionally exacerbating an existing injury?

I’m totally going to geek out on all of you for a second, I’d like to think jiu jitsu players take a page from Firefly character Malcolm Reynolds’ book. In one scene a character asks if Reynolds will shoot him in his sleep:


Have a great weekend everyone!

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BJJ Library Challenge- the Chosen 6

So Saulo, Xande and the folks over at BJJ library have chosen 6 black belts for (what I assume to be) an Ultimate Challenge: I’m not entirely sure of the specifics, but it seems to have to do with teaching different techniques to students in a sort of realtiy TV show concept.

Check out BJJ Library, or the Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Instagram (@ribeirojiujitsu) account to learn more!

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Catch Up Day

Hey everyone,

I’m still running around trying to catch up with work and stuff on this coast. While I try to get my ducks in a row, check out this article on BJJ Heroes about the Four Horsemen of Jiu Jitsu.

Have a great day everybody!

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