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Science! Scientists Discover the Neural Circuity Involved in Hunger

This is definitely interesting: scientists have discovered the neural circuitry involved with hunger, and essentially how to turn off hunger.

According to the article on IFLScience, (which I am now going to poorly summarize) apparently there are a cluster of neurons in the hypothalamus more or less in charge of the regulation of hunger. Scientists then genetically modified mice to a point where they could chemically control these neurons, and through this experiment found they could “switch” hunger on and off for these mice.

The article goes on to state how this can be beneficial to treat people with obesity- I could see grapplers using this. However, I could also see this (very) easily being abused by the same group. It will probably be several years before this information is applied to the public, so I guess we have a while before worrying about that.

Check out the article, and have a great day everyone!

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