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Cookies are (Like) Crack, and A Rant


So if you ever found yourself eating cookies in a darkened corner and wondered how your life got to this point, good news, studies have shown cookies fire up the same pleasure center as drugs, such as cocaine, stimulate. Read all about it here.

Can I just vent for a moment? I emailed the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials yesterday, asking to change my weight division down one class, and instead of my division being changed, I got an email back asking if I was changing to qualify for a travel package to the UAE and that “things have changed”. For anyone that’s in the dark, there used to have to be 4 people in a division to qualify for an absolute, and the winner of that was given a trip to the United Arab Emirates to compete in a tournament there. They have changed that this year and for brown and black belt women, and you just have to win your weight division.

Sir, I understand you are just trying to do your job and want to make sure everyone is in the right division, but going down a weight class has nothing to do with a paid trip to the United Arab Emirates (believe it or not). Yes, I know I am asking to be put into a division with more women than the one I am currently in, and appears counter-intuitive, stupid even to some, I get that. But this is a personal thing- a goal I set for myself, a weight division I have been wanting to compete in for some time and please do not take that away from me. If I find myself still in the higher weight class I’m going to be quite angry, not because of some rules regarding qualifying for a prize, but because I made a clear, direct, reasonable request and it was ignored. I know what I am doing and understand the decision I have made, please do not assume otherwise.

Update: The tournament organizers made the change, we’re all good.


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