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Nothing Tastes as Good as Accomplishment Feels

We’ve all heard the term “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”- I imagine everyone is aware of the backlash in response, the hasty “clarification” and whatever such nonsense that followed that statement. I’ve heard some people mention “nothing tastes as good as healthy feels”, and I would like to add one more variation to the pile- the feeling of accomplishment, whatever your health goal might be. Some could argue that a person’s health goal may be unhealthy, but I am mainly addressing the majority of people who have reasonably healthy goals regarding their weight and overall fitness.

Personally, I have been working towards getting into the lighter division for tournaments like the upcoming Abu Dhabi jiu jitsu pro trials in a couple of weeks. I’m still registered for the heavier division (I have until the 17th to change it) and other than one or two hiccups, including a metaphorical tug of war with some water weight, for the most part I have been on schedule with weight loss and still intend to compete lighter. It’s more of a personal goal I’ve set, and it’s not the ‘skinny’ part that I am concerned with, although admittedly getting into a smaller pants size is a nice side benefit.

There are a variety of health goals out there that people have to adjust their diets for, and typically we use these motivational phrases and slogans when we are in the midst of attaining those goals. For some it may be dropping 10 pounds of unhealthy body fat, for some they may be seriously underweight and need to gain 10 pounds. Whatever the goal may be, I think it’s healthier to focus on striving to meet that goal and the sense of accomplishment when it is achieved. And to be honest, a focus on obtaining a healthy goal is more inclusive- “skinny” is such a vague term and can be distorted in so many ways, while for the most part people typically set goals for themselves- they have an idea of what they would like the end result to be, even if they are a little fuzzy on the details.

So, that is what I propose: let’s encourage people to obtain their goals and support one another in the effort to get there. Just some food for thought. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!


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