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IBJJF 2014 Tournament Schedule

It looks like they are getting around to firming up some dates for the IBJJF tournament circuit in 2014, and there are some highlights, and some disappointments.

Previously they had posted Pans as taking place starting around March 12th, which seemed crazy early to me: at the time I looked up UC Irvine’s Spring Schedule (what, I like to research things, don’t judge) and was about to bet a box of Stan’s Donuts¬†on here that they would change it to coincide with the school’s Spring Break, but it seems the Federation has beat me to the punch. So, hooray for being right, boo for not having an opportunity to see who would take me up on the bet.

One disappointment is the announcement that they are moving the early year Boston Open from March to April. I was talking to a teammate and we had agreed we wanted to squeeze in an IBJJF tournament, relatively local, before flying out for Pans and the Boston Winter Open seemed like the ticket. Unfortunately according to the site, the April tournament will be replacing the one usually in early March. Bummer.

Back to the positive side, there is now a Paris International Open, which is pretty sweet. Not this upcoming year, but getting (back) to Paris for a few days in the future would be pretty fantastic, if they decide to keep this Open going. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed.

Any Opens you guys are looking forward to attending? Tournaments in general? Anyone wanna make a bet over some doughnuts?

Let me know!


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