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Hump Day: Technical Difficulties and a Link to an Interview with Ben Eaton

Sadly, no, I’m not talking about BJJ techniques, I’m talking about technology sort of technical difficulties. Has anyone ever used the email client Zimbra? I imagine that question’s going to be met with a deafening silence, but essentially I’m trying to figure out how to get email from Zimbra into my regular Gmail account.

And now that I have bored you all to tears, something a little more fun! Remember when I mentioned a Ribeiro Association Affiliate/Black Belt/All around nice guy Ben Eaton came and attended our training camp? Turns out Ben did an interview for Chewy’s Matwind podcast. I would recommend check it out- just if you are using headphones or earbuds, be sure to put both on, otherwise you’ll be like me and wonder why one person is talking and then there’s just an awkward silence…

Anyway, check it out while I try to troubleshoot my email, and have a great day everyone!


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