Rubber Guard and Playing Catch Up

Sorry guys, this morning was a bit hectic so I’m playing catch-up.

In the meantime, check out Eddie Bravo explaining his rubber guard to Rickson Gracie.

Er, see you later and have a great day everyone!

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A Little Judo, Anyone? Judo Grand Slam 2014 Footage, Courtesy of DSTRYRsg

So, maybe it’s my imagination, but things are a little slow at the moment in the jiu jitsu world (trust me, I’m not complaining, just making an observation). So, while all the BJJ players are back at their academies, sharpening their skills and getting ready for the tournaments coming up, check out DSTRYRsg: they have posted Day 1 and Day 2 of the Judo Grand Slam.

If you’re not sure what that is, or have a couple of hours to kill, check out the site and the videos and sit back, relax and watch some top level guys throw the bejeezus out of one another.

Otherwise, have a great day everyone!


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More Information on Rickson Gracie’s New Jiu Jitsu Federation

The site definitely has more information on it, including the official set of rules rather than just a general overview from bloggers and sport writers, a list of participating academies, and a section that is just itching to be abused, a link that says “Ask Rickson”

While knowing full well this is supposed to be a contact form for questions regarding the newly found association, there’s definitely a temptation to submit etiquette questions, a la “Dear Abbie”

“Dear Rickson,

I’m having a small gathering at my house in a few days to watch some old school vale tudo footage. After said soiree, should I send hand written thank you notes with my jiu jitsu themed stationary, or will a simple email suffice?”

“Dear Rickson,

I’m going to a baby shower next weekend for a teammate who will be having a baby girl. Should I buy them a hot pink baby gi for their impending bundle of joy, a unisex kimono or maybe just give them a gift card so they can decide?”

….And then I can proudly tell my children and grandchildren about how I was kicked out of a tournament organization without even actually participating.

Anyway, if you are curious regarding the actual rules of the organization, or want to sign up for updates on when they will start holding tournaments ( I imagine they have that option somewhere on the site) Check out the actual site, and if you decide to ask Rickson anything other than JJGF related questions,  you did NOT get it from me.

Nope, No-Sir-Ree-Bob: never put that idea into your head… :P

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BJJ and the Stages of Improving

Someone posted this…somewhere, on the internet and I think it’s an excellent way to describe how a person develops in jiu jitsu:





Also fun fact- apparently people frequently attribute this theory to Abraham Maslow (he was into the whole hierarchy thing, so I can totally see why) but these stages of learning were never mentioned in his major works, according to Wikipedia.

Anyway, let’s break this down to make it related to jiu jitsu. I imagine most of you know where I am going with this, because we’ve all experienced it: you start off at step one, making mistakes, unaware of what you are doing wrong, just that something is not going right. Sweeps and submissions just seem to appear out of thin air from your partner, and you are left wondering what the hell happened and where you went wrong.

Then comes that magical period of time, step two, where you know what you are doing wrong,  you just have no idea how to fix it. So you freeze, so you don’t continue to make those same mistakes, but you lack the knowledge to properly correct the problem. This is where I think a lot of people get frustrated the most frequently. You no longer live in blissful ignorance of your own missteps, but you haven’t figured out just yet how to do something about it.

Then there’s the grind, step three. You figure out how to fix the problem, but it takes effort to put it into effect. You have to remind yourself of proper placement, weight distribution, timing, things that eventually will come naturally, but only after tons and tons of drilling.

And if you keep with drilling, eventually you should reach stage four. What once you had to remind yourself to do has now become second nature: don’t have to think about where to place yourself or what to do. Hooray!…And now you are placed in a new position or presented with a new problem and you have to start the process all over again.

….Also hooray?

So if you are feeling discouraged with a position, a sweep you keep getting caught in, take a deep breath, go to class, ask questions, drill and remember this is all a part of the process of learning jiu jitsu and becoming more competent in the sport.


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Happy Friday: Get Nerdy Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

I saw this video a couple of days ago: apparently it’s a parody of some song I’ve never heard. Anyway, it’s pretty funny- check it out and have a great weekend!


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Rickson Gracie Introduces a New BJJ Federation

So according to Fightland Rickson has in fact put together a new group, the Jiu Jitsu Global Federation (there’s not much on the site at the moment other than their social media accounts).

According to the story, Rickson looks not only to give more points to submission attempts, but to actually penalize players for pulling guard. I think that will certainly make matches more interesting- the highest amount of points are set on a bit of a gray area though. I mean, just how far along in the submission attempt does someone have to be before they are awarded points? I would like to think we are going more along the lines of what an advantage is supposed to be: an honest, legitimate attempt to submit your opponent, but it just doesn’t happen. I just hate the idea of someone throwing on sloppy, lazy armbars left and right because they know the ref has to give them points because “it was a submission attempt”. Still, it looks to be an interesting concept and I will certainly keep an eye out for how this progresses.

Check it out and let me know what you think- otherwise, have a great day everyone!

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Newcomers and Visitors: Just Teammates You Haven’t Met Yet

You know the phrase, “a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet”?

I don’t usually adhere to this phrase: I’m polite and respectful to people, but I don’t go particularly out of my way to introduce myself or strike up a conversation. It’s a habit that has cultivated from decades of living in urban, and not always the safest areas (my hometown was recently named the most dangerous small city in the US…yay :-/)

Anyway, there is one place where for the most part I will make an exception to this rule: our academy. If a stranger comes in for a visit, or there’s a new student on the mat, I do try to walk up and introduce myself before class. I’m not saying I get every new person that walks on, but I do make an attempt.

Jiu jitsu people can sometimes be a clique-y bunch. Not intentionally, but the way the whole system works a person can become very prone to being wary of outsiders. You have, for the most part, the same people you train with every day in a sport that’s not that terribly common, and for some academies even within the group there are separations- higher belts not getting too involved with the white and lower blues, to avoid investing a large amount of time and energy into someone that may decide one day to quit. I’m not saying this is right, but I imagine it totally happens in some academies. But, remember that a stranger, a newcomer to your class or team is really a potential teammate you haven’t gotten to know yet. They may be just as dedicated as you, just as hard working and just looking for a smile and a place to feel welcome, but you won’t know that unless you put yourself out there.

And think of it from the other person’s perspective. It’s difficult to put yourself out there and stick yourself in the middle of a bunch of strangers, even if it’s to do something familiar to you. And even then familiarity in the beginning is not guaranteed: warm ups can differ between academies, particular drills, etc. So while someone may be a master at the drills they perform in their own academy, now they are forced into different drills, and may be all knees and elbows. It can be a nerve-wracking experience, and I imagine a huge relief when someone walks up to them to introduce themselves.

So, if there’s someone new in your academy, visiting or just a new person, definitely make and effort to introduce yourself. Who knows, they may be a teammate you just haven’t gotten to know yet.


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In House Tournament

Hi everyone- how was your weekend?

On Saturday we had an in-house tournament, and everyone did reall well! They worked their techniques- passes, sweeps, submissions, and win or lose everyone tried their best and put themselves out there.

Great job, guys!

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Happy Friday: Beating the Worm Guard Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

It seems lately everyone on the internet lately has contracted “Worm Guard” fever, passing lapels left and right under legs and such.

DSTRYRsg just posted a video from a jiu jitsu guy, Isaac Doederlein (try saying that name 5 times fast) and his take on how to beat the worm Guard.

Check it out, let me know what you think- otherwise, have a great weekend!

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Metamoris 4 Trailer: Dean Lister vs Josh Barnett

So I just watched the trailer for Metamoris 4 promoting the Dean Lister/Josh Barnett fight. It looks pretty interesting. Both guys are great grapplers, and this should be an interesting match.

Take a look and let me know your thoughts, including who you think will win…Otherwise, have a great day everyone!

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