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Article on the Perceived Importance of Belts and Stripes

Hey everyone- while I’m catching up on taking Monday off (because I was being a birthday princess), take a look at the article from Gracie Barra about their policy on promotions and the perceived importance of belts and stripes.

Check it out and have a great day everyone!

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The Necessity of Imagination in BJJ

Seems like it wouldn’t have a place in jiu jitsu, right? Having an imagination? Believe it or not there really does have a place in jiu jitsu. You have to be able to imagine what your attempting and the most likely reaction to it. It’s the ability to visualize not just what you are doing now, but the most likely sequence of actions that will follow between you and your partner.

It’s ok if you don’t see that progression now, particularly if you’re at a lower belt. That sort of imagination/visualization comes with time and practice: you start to see the opportunities to act on the techniques you imagined yourself performing. But, as I said, it takes time and practice in order to hone that skill.

Just some thoughts for the day- have a great day everyone!

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Science! Jiu Jitsu is Beneficial for Your Brain

As if we needed additional evidence…

IFLScience has an article about how aerobic exercise is not only beneficial for the heart, but for the brain as well.

Take a look at the article and have a great day everyone!

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The Benefits of Failing in BJJ

No one really likes it, or truly wants to admit it, but there are some upsides to failing on both a smaller and larger scale.

Let’s talk about the larger scale first: you spend months preparing for a tournament. You train nonstop for months to step out on the mat and then… You lose.

Frustrating, to be sure: we like to think we will reap the rewards of the effort we put into something, even something as (frankly unpredictable) as a match. But, in addition to a humbling experience, one that exposes your weaknesses and shows you what you need to work on…you know, if you let it.

In a smaller context, failing at executing some technique for example gives you an opportunity to practice your exit strategy- just how you are going to react when things fail. This is an important skill, learning to recover from a failure. Even if you practice a technique a million times, it’s not infallible, and sometimes knowing how to recover from that failure is just as important as learning how to perform the technique itself.

So, remember to tell yourself that it’s ok to fail now and again. It lends itself to opportunity and other learning experiences you otherwise might not have.

Have a great day everyone!

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The Necessity of Etiquette in an Academy

It may seem silly- I totally get it- but believe it or not etiquette really does have place in an academy.

There are several reasons why etiquette is necessary in an academy, and it may surprise you. First and foremost, safety. There are certain things you allowed and not allowed to do in a gym simply because it’s not safe to do whatever you want. By doing so, you could potentially put yourself and your teammates at risk of injury or disease.

Second reason? Respect. It shows respect to your partners, respect to your coach/instructor, and respect to your academy. And they do deserve a level of respect: they are taking the time out of their day to roll with you. You can use a grappling dummy all day, but it’s nothing compared to drilling and rolling with a real, live human.

So while it may seem unusual, it is important to follow the etiquette of the academy.

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BJJ and Competition: It Pays to Be Nice

I had this conversation recently while at a function over the weekend: most of the time in sports, but particularly in BJJ it really pays to engage in sportsmanlike conduct on the mat, and to be nice off the mat.

Part of it really has to do with attrition: as you advance in the sport, more and more you will find that you are fighting the same people. You start to recognize faces, you remember names (even if you are terrible at remembering names like I am). And the higher you go, the more often you will see that person- if all of you decide to continue competing.

It’s much easier on all of you to continue competing if you are on good terms with everyone. Think of it this way- what situation would you rather walk into, a tournament where you are basically meeting up with old friends, you all duke it out and win or lose  you are shaking hands with everyone while laughing and smiling? Or you walk into a tournament where you have a problem with everyone, and everyone has a problem with you, and all of you awkwardly ignore each other before and after you fight? Personally, I would prefer the former, but to each their own.

And also, it’s just plain common decency to be nice to one another. We’re all taking time out of our schedules and lives to fight one another, which should be acknowledged and appreciated.

So, in summary be nice to one another, because you never know when you are going to meet that person again…and again… and again…

Have a great day everyone!


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Article on IBJJF 2016 World Champ Testing Positive for Doping, Stripped of Medal

Jesus, guys. Really?

Leandro Nogueira tested positive for a prohibited substance that is typically taken to boost testosterone after a cycle of anabolic steroids.

Check out the article and have a good day everyone.


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Jiu Jitsu and Rolling: “Don’t Be Rude”

I had a conversation with a white belt recently which brought this issue up: he was rolling with a partner who (I’m presuming/hoping) accidentally kicked the white belt.

Said white belt was understandably pissed. Admittedly I also get a little annoyed when I’m kicked, punched or when I am somehow on the receiving end of a knee to the face. Jiu jitsu is about no striking: if I wanted to get punched I would do Muay Thai kickboxing or capoeira, or something of that nature.

The white belt in question was asking if that kick was “legal” in tournament. I had to explain to our heated white belt that I’m sure it was an accident, and that it was probably an aggressive sweep that got kind of weird. I also had to explain the common, unspoken rule of “don’t be rude”.

Jiu jitsu practitioners have to walk a fine line between technique and really digging deep sometimes to pull off a submission. You want to be technical, you want to quickly and efficiently put your opponent in a position that they will feel the need to tap- whether that be a choke, joint lock…. the list goes on and on. But, the difficulty comes when you add the element that the other person wants the exact same thing, and of course people aren’t perfect- we all try to grind out a technique that may not be the easiest or prettiest one to use at that time.

Still, we try- there’s the idea that we want to submit our opponent without unnecessary pain or roughness. Again, back to the idea of “don’t be rude”. It can be a weird gray area at times, and one that is definitely subject to interpretation, but it’s something we should all keep in mind and- I dunno, personally I give people the benefit of the doubt more often than not because I assume they know about this rule.

Just some thoughts- have a great day everyone!


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Eddie Bravo (Finally) Starts Combat Jiu Jitsu

So this is finally a thing now? I feel like this idea was introduced YEARS ago- adding open palm strikes to jiu jitsu when one opponent is on the ground.

Good for Bravo, for finally getting this ball rolling. Personally, the idea of having someone slap me in jiu jitsu is a bit annoying, but hey if people are into it, more power to them.

Check out an article on it, and have a great day everyone!

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Drilling and BJJ: A Little Bit is Better than Nothing at all

It can seem daunting at times, the things you want to work on in order to improve your BJJ game: there’s that sweep you keep trying that just isn’t happening, the position that you just can’t hold on to….The list goes on and on.

And you know (at least in theory) that the best way to improve in these areas is to drill: higher ranks advise lower ranks all the time- drill, drill, drill as it’s really the best way that you are going to improve. Sure rolling is fun, but drilling is really where you hone in on the execution of the technique.

So some people put off drilling, since there is SO MUCH that needs to be done. My advice to everyone who may feel that way is this: obviously you can’t drill everything that needs to be improved upon all in one session. If you tried, it would literally be hours before you left the gym, if you ever left at all. Break down the things you want to work on into more manageable pieces. You’re having trouble escaping half  guard? Work on drilling one or two escapes- it may just be for an additional 15 minutes after class, but hey, 15 minutes is better than nothing at all. It’s a baby step, but it does get you closer to the mastery of a technique than you were before.

Just some thoughts for the day- have a great day everyone!



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