An Interesting (and Odd) Article about Someone Using Jiu Jitsu IRL

Well, this can be filed under the strange and unusual: apparently a shoplifter is suing Target because an employee knew jiu jitsu and “attacked” the thief. Or as the rest of us call it, trying to keep the shoplifter from running away. Granted, not everything is black and white- I totally get that, but the police report is well, interesting.

Check it out and come to your own conclusions, but I don’t think his lawsuit is going to fly.

Have a great day everyone!


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Sometimes I Tell My Training Partners How to Beat My Techniques

Seems counter-intuitive, no? I find myself doing this with some of the lower belts: I literally tell them how to beat me, or how to defend against some technique I just happen to be doing particularly well with them.

I do this for two fairly simple reasons- first, it helps my partner as it gives them the ability to give me trouble and not just feel like they are getting repeatedly tapped by a black belt without rhyme or reason. Not that I don’t think our students are tough, but it’s sort of like being sick without having a diagnosis- it depressing because you aren’t really sure what’s going on, or when it will really end.

Second, it keeps me from being complacent in my techniques. If someone knows how to give me trouble in something I do successfully, I need to find an effective “out” and then different approach- either a different entrance for the same technique, or something different all together if the opportunity presents itself. It encourages creative thinking, experimenting, which also gives the lower rank more opportunities to work on whatever they are trying at the moment, because it’s forcing me out of my comfort zone.

I think by all means you should have an A game- a handful of positions, sweeps, submissions, etc. that you know like the back of your hand. But I don’t think it benefits anyone, yourself included, if there isn’t someone that’s trying to beat you- either through their own efforts, or if you tell a partner exactly what will give you trouble.

That’s all for now- have a great day everyone!

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Science! Bones May Play A Role In Regulating Appetite And Metabolism


A recent study suggests that there is a hormone that effects bones, but also helps us metabolize sugar and fat.

Crazy! Check it out and have a great day everyone!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Enjoy this jam from Beetlejuice and have a great day!

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Science! Man Dies from Bacteria Contracted During Hurricane Harvey Relief

Ruh roh….

So someone died from a flesh eating bacteria that was contracted while doing demo work for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas. I’m only commenting on this because I was doing the same kind of demo work in Houston about 6 weeks ago, also to assist Houston residents that were effected by Hurricane Harvey.

The bad, but good, news is that the disease spread fairly quickly- essentially I’m not dead yet, so I think I’ll be all right. It’s just a shame that someone was struck ill while in the middle of helping others.

Check it out and have a great day everyone!

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Lessons in Jiu Jitsu That Can Be Applied to the Workplace

Patience: Recently I had a co-worker say, “just how do we teach people patience?” Well, jiu jitsu in my opinion is an excellent way to teach someone patience. Think about the last time you applied a choke and then waited…and waited…and waited for the person to tap. Even when you think you have everything in the bag, success will not come rushing in on swift wings. You have to be patient to truly achieve what you want.

Grit: Goes hand in hand with patience- it takes tremendous fortitude to get to a black belt in jiu jitsu and it sometimes fortitude, or grit if you prefer the term, is needed in the workplace in order to get the task at hand completed. Just like you need to dig out the submission, I’m sure there are times in your job where a problem seems insurmountable and you have to “dig” out the solution.

Creating Muscle Memory so You Can Look for Opportunity: So, I work on the admin/marketing side of real estate- time and time again the people on the sales side are encouraged to learn certain scripts for talking to potential clients.

Sounds less weird than it really is, I promise.

On the sales end, much like a jiu jitsu match, while really anything can happen you know that by and large certain things are going to happen. There are going to be certain  phrases that people use, certain common moves they are probably going to make, etc. For jiu jitsu, it’s drilling- for sales agents, it’s script practice. Same concept- drilling common techniques and counters so when you get to a “live” situation, you can detect and act on the opportunity that presents itself.

That’s all for today- have a great day everyone!

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Article from Xande and Why His Guard Has Not Been Passed for 11 Years

Hey everyone, On the Mat has an article from Xande about why his guard has not been passed in the past 11 years.

Check it out and have a great day everyone!

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Metamoris Facebook “Challenge”

I saw this poster on Facebook this morning:

Metamoris poster

I really think Ralek should write a book with all of the things he’s done to Metamoris, and someone should title it “101 Ways to Not Run a Fight Promotion Company”. To be fair, it seems like the Gracie family really leans into the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” but what I think he doesn’t realize is that having a public image is a lot like having a savings account: you typically keep adding to it, and try to avoid making withdrawls if at all possible. Though granted, considering how he still owes Metamoris athletes money I feel that analogy would be totally lost on him.

I am enjoying some of the challenges put forth- these have been my favorite so far:

blindfold robot

+5 for creativity…

And of course the obvious:

get a job

A crowd favorite so far, it seems.


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Article on Improving Your Jiu Jitsu Off the Mat

When it comes to getting better at jiu jitsu, there’s really nothing that beats drilling and training more: if you want to get better, you need to actually do the sport you want to get better at. Sometimes however that’s just not a possibility: obligations and circumstances can take you off the mat for an extended period of time, unfortunately. Revolution BJJ however has 5 suggestions for getting better at jiu jitsu while taking that time off of the mat.

Check it out and have a great day everyone!

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Science! 100 Million Year Old Virus Found in Human Blood

This has nothing to do with jiu jitsu, I just think it’s pretty neat.

Researchers recently found a 100 million year old(!) virus in the blood of a pregnant woman, which is pretty rad. Check it out and have a great day everyone!

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