Happy Friday! Thoughts While Training

Happy Friday everyone!

In the past while sparring I have a tendency to whistle or hum while training- I like to think it keeps my conscious mind occupied and allows the adaptive unconscious and muscle memory to do its thing- for the most part- uninterrupted.


I’ll usually have either the Super Mario brother’s theme stuck in my head, and lately the tune to “I Dream of Jeannie” has gotten itself into the rotation…. but then I saw this video, and now “Sweet Dreams” will probably be stuck in my head for a while…


Just wanted to share with you all, if nothing else for a little chuckle.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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2 responses to “Happy Friday! Thoughts While Training

  1. Humming is a good idea I have to try. I’ve got the problem, that I’m thinking to much and then stuck on “what to do next”. Like in “Last Samurai” “to many mind”.
    Thanks for the post.

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