ADCC This Past Weekend

Well, that was unexpected.

This past weekend a group of some of the top grapplers in the sport came together for the Abu Dhabi Combat Club, or ADCC championships. There were names that most, or not all of us recognize, such as Andre Galvao, Marcus Buchecha, JT Torres, Garry Tonon, and tons of others.

As I’ve stated repeatedly, I live under a rock, so there were a ton of amazing grapplers who I didn’t really know about until now. So, shame on me for that. Admittedly, I didn’t (and still don’t tbh) know much about the absolute winner, Gordon Ryan. But, he won the absolute, so good for him! It’s fantastic to see when hard work pays off. There were also a number of upsets, from Ffion Davies submitting Bia Mesquita, Cyborg losing to grappler and (at the moment) BJJ blue belt Nick Rodriguez, and a number of others I’m sure that I’m not mentioning at the moment. Overall, I think the people at Fight to Win did an awesome job, and while I didn’t catch a ton of it, overall I think it was a pretty well run event. I heard there were some issues with the Flograppling feed, so that was unfortunate.

Overall I’m interested to see what these upsets and the results of these matches bring about in the world of grappling. Let me know what you all thought- otherwise, have a great day!

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