Happy Friday! Ears Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

As grapplers we always seem to have a problem with the outer part of the ear- namely, cauliflower ear. Which is understandable considering how much we use our heads and how much abuse we put our ears through.

I’m talking ears because I’m feeling a bit off at the moment, due to a different sort of ear problem….See, my right ear won’t pop. Well, my right Eustachian tube feels congested and refuses to clear, if we’re getting all technical about it.

Anyone have any home remedies to get your ears to pop? I’ve tried a couple of things so far, including the whole “hold your nose and blow” trick, but so far nothing’s working very well.

Let me know- otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!


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3 responses to “Happy Friday! Ears Edition

  1. Yawn a lot. Eventually it should go, unless you have some kind of infection. If it stars aching, you should go to the dr.

  2. Adjusting the AC/heat in a car quickly can pop ears due to the pressure change.

    Set it to low for five-ten minutes, and then ramp it up!

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