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BJJ Class: “Less Talking, More Drilling”

I say this now and again when running class. Granted, it’s great to have students who want to help one another but sometimes you need to just let your partner fumble through things a little so they can figure it out.

Think of it this way: there’s a story out there (probably somewhere on the internet) about a man who sees a butterfly hatching, and struggling to get out of his cocoon. The man, feeling sorry for the butterfly, cuts the cocoon open and expects the butterfly to just do his thing and flutter away. But instead the butterfly continues to have shriveled up wings and an underdeveloped body and really never achieves flight. It was the struggle to get out of the cocoon that was supposed to help the butterfly develop and strengthen itself, to help it mature into a strong adult. It’s through our struggles sometimes that we truly learn and develop into what we are supposed to become- in this case, a jiu jitsu player who can perform these particular techniques.

Another way to think about it, not to detract from the help of a partner, but to be honest we tend to feel more accomplished and value certain lessons and facts more when we learn them for ourselves. Admittedly sometimes a partner needs an occasional, subtle hint, but for the most part talking should be kept to a minimum.

So let your drilling partner become a butterfly…or something…

Have a great day everyone!



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