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The Curious Case of the IBJJF Background Check Policy

Georgette recently wrote about the sort of confusing situation regarding the IBJJF and their attempt to implement background checks, among other things.

Admittedly, the language is a bit misleading: on the website it’s implied that any black belt looking to register, or renew their membership with the IBJJF ¬†needs to perform a background check. However, when looking further, that is apparently not the case. The background check only applies to those who wish to register to be an IBJJF Certified black belt, or wish to continue to be considered certified: background checks have no effect on the membership of a black belt who simply registers and wishes to compete.

So what are the benefits of being certified? Honestly,¬†other than your name on their website, I have no idea. If you run your own academy and wish to be recognized by the IBJJF, then maybe, but otherwise I’m really not sure what benefits one gains from being a “certified black belt” with the organization. It’s not like they offer catastrophic insurance like the USJA does.

I think IBJJF is starting to get on the right track in certain areas, but there lacks a certain cohesiveness to their policy when it comes to their members, particularly their black belts.

What do you guys think? Let me know- otherwise, have a great day everyone!

*Edit- I screwed up the title guys, it’s now corrected. My bad.

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