Seminar with Daniel Beleza

Hey everyone,

Last night we had a seminar at our academy with black belt Daniel Beleza– he’s won about a bajillion tournaments, and just seems like a pretty chill guy.

It was a lot about chokes (score!) and ways to get to them from mainly spider and closed guard- nothing wrong with that. He also did a lot of work from an inverted triangle position, which was unusual but an interesting and new way to look at things. It was also fun to see the numerous variations of submissions based on what your partner gives you. All the variations and the finer details may have gone over some of the lower belts’ heads and they would need to see it again to fully get it (I’m not even sure I picked up on all of the details he showed) but it was fun to at least see the progression of the different techniques and submissions, how one flowed into the other.

All in all a good night 🙂

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