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Science! No One Apologized for Flu Shots

I don’t know if I’m having a bad allergy attack or caught a bit of a cold, but I’m feeling run down and my sinuses feel like heavy little water balloons….in my face.

On a related note, according to IFLScience reports that the CDC did not apologize for the flu vaccine or admit that it didn’t work.

I had no idea this was a thing, but apparently it’s a thing. Apparently the CDC mentioned something everyone should have learned in their highschool biology class, that viruses evolve and mutate pretty quickly, so there may be some slight variations to the flu virus you contract vs what you were vaccinated with, possibly reducing the efficacy of the vaccine. The media apparently took this news to mean that the vaccine doesn’t work, which is a complete (and sort of dangerous) lie.

According to the site: “Even if H3N2 has drifted and the vaccine does not provide maximum protection against that particular strain, it may still be able to lessen the severity of the illness. Additionally, the vaccine also protects against other strains that a patient may encounter, so health officials are still recommending the flu shot to anyone who has not yet received it.”

The more you know, folks.

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