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Video of Keenan Cornelius Confronting an Internet Troll

Ok, as much as I say that Keenan Cornelius looks like a serial killer, this is actually pretty funny.

Personally, I’m hoping it’s an homage to “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” (Language in the clip is NSFW, btw)

Take a look at the clips, and have a great day everyone!


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Xande Seminar Review…ish…

Holy butterfly guard, Batman.

Last night our academy had the pleasure of hosting a seminar with Xande Ribeiro. Both Ribeiros have sort of different styles, and personalities if we’re being honest, but you can’t deny that they are pretty damn effective. And bonus, they are pretty awesome teachers  and great guys all around.

I’m pretty short on time today, sorry, but it was a really great seminar- there were some pretty solid, key concepts that I would like to incorporate into my game, or at least really try to be mindful of when I’m in certain positions, so I consider that a win.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys. I didn’t take any pictures last night, but I’ll post some when they become available, and get permission from their owners, of course. Have a great day everyone!

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Xande Ribeiro Seminar Tonight!

Xande has basically been doing  an East Coast the past couple of days, stopping in on different Ribeiro Association schools to teach and train. He got into Philly last night and will be holding a seminar at our academy tonight- hooray!

I’ll let you guys know how it goes- have a great day everyone!

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Links around the Internet

Here are what some other people are talking about on the internetz…

Georgette explains the ABC’s of the latest Presidential debate.

David from the Jiu Jitsu Laboratory Offers a more in depth review and critique of the Metamoris fights.

Julia talks about her goals and methodology for a new project: Operation Tattered Belt– And references both Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so of course I highly recommend reading this blog post.

Rick from Middle Age BJJ got his purple belt!

And last but cetainly not least, Lapelchoke.com has a nice highlight video of Xande and Saulo during Masters & Seniors World Championship


Check them out!




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Seminar and Your Opinion

This past Saturday we had our seminar with Xande Ribeiro, and it was pretty excellent.

The part I liked the most was the theory behind the moves he was doing. There were general concepts that can be used in a number of different situations and different ways of looking at the same kinds of problems. Through the seminar Xande offered new and interesting perspectives to things guards such as the Butterfly and the Open Half (guard…yeah…ok, anyway). There were a few moves we specifically drilled, but the corrections he made to everyone’s technique, even when it seemed like nothing more than a little tweaking and fine tuning, had rhyme and reason. Words aren’t coming too smoothly for me at the moment, but the majority of these  movements were obviously routed in fundamentals and weren’t (for lack of a better term) “throw-away” gestures, something that weren’t necessary for the successful completion of the technique. I think these are all great techniques for men AND women, and can fit into most games that competitors play.

The end was also opened to a Q & A session, and we sat around and talked about a couple of positions. Sadly, there were no references to castles and flags this time. Or moats.

Oh! And update, I fixed the Maxercise blog link, and I apologize for the confusion before; other than that, posts will be even less about mat time this week because I can only go on Wednesday. Boooo.

I would like to ask the peanut gallery though: would you like more in-depth descriptions of what we do in class? I guess I am SO against the Youtube jiu jitsu and pro-class time that I have almost completely avoided most references to what we do in class, but would that be easier, or at least slightly more interesting to read?

What do YOU think?


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The Ribeiro Brothers and Roadtrip!

Sorry for the no post yesterday, I was at a work function all day.

But Rick Brady of Middle Age BJJ asked a question that I wanted to respond to a little more fully in a post.

In the extremely brief time I have spend with both Ribeiro brothers, at the risk of sounding sappy, it gives me great peace of mind that we are associated with them. Both brothers I have found to be warm, encouraging, and a pleasure to learn from in the seminars they have done at our academy. I also like the mission and attitude behind the association, and the concept they seem to take to heart, which is “a black belt is a white belt that never gives up.”

I also find it kind of fun that (at least at the time) Xande had a thing for castle analogies, and Saulo has a thing for army analogies.

But, for a better example, at this past Pan games in California, Saulo checked in on the status of our entire team, who won, who lost, not just through John, our instructor, through us, personally. He wanted to hear us explain what happened.

I know that may seem trivial, but this is a man that has academies bearing his and his brother’s association emblems throughout the United States, and he was talking with a small fraction of the entire association. I don’t know how other big name black belts run their associations, but this kind of behavior I wouldn’t expect and am highly pleased to find at the top of the entire organization.

I know this kind of sounds like everything is gumdrops and sunshine, which of course very few things in life are ( like unicorns, and chocolate chip cookies), but really I cannot find any problems that would give reason to pause or doubt. I can honestly say I am happy our academy is a part of the Ribeiro Association.

So, each year The Ribeiro Association holds and annual tournament for all the academies to get together and compete: like an ENORMOUS in house. This year it is being held at Rafael Lovato Jr.’s Academy in Oklahoma City, OK.

According to the Maxercise Blog by our Purple Belt Maggie, there is some talk of driving to Oklahoma for the tournament. I’m down with that, I’ll just ride with these guys:

Looks legit.


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Xande Ribeiro!

Xande Ribeiro is coming to our academy on Saturday, Sept 18th!

I was speaking to my instructor, John, who mentioned there’s a few spots open for the seminar…

Ladies? If anyone is interested in attending the seminar, email me at thatclassybroad at gmail.com, or check out PhillyBJJ website!

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