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Update on 750words.com

So a couple of months ago I promoted using the site 750words.com. I don’t know if anyone took me up on this recommendation, but if you were thinking about it, just letting you know they are going to start  charging for the use of the site. I totally understand why they are doing it, and I would still recommend using the site, but if you are also like me and would like to use those funds towards other things in your life, then the only other thing I would suggest, would be to sign up for something like penzu.com: it’s a free format like 750 words was, offers to email you reminders to write, and it comes with a “pro” option at about $20/year. I like 750 word’s simple design and word counter, but you really can’t beat 20 dollars a year.

Oh, also if anyone is interested in keeping up with their own writing, there’s another option for you.

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