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Kettleworx Worries Me

Anyone who has done a proper Kettlebell workout or who has been certified to teach Kettlebells will say, “Yikes!” at the sight of this guy:


He has no certifications to qualify him to teach that I can find (and please, PLEASE prove me wrong on this) , and that worries me immensely. I will admit I am only making best guesses here regarding the quality of the workouts, because I have not purchased the DVD Series, but I have watched part of the infomercial, and even with the “best foot forward” there are errors I see in the techniques of the actors, and in the descriptions of certain moves. I have also read one or two RKC instructors with gripes concerning what this man teaches.

I have no problem with people making money: as Missy Elliot once said about to women around the world shaking their booty for cash, “ain’t no shame, ladies, do your thang, just make sure you ahead of the game.” My problem is the instruction of improper and potentially harmful techniques. Yes, I agree, Kettlebells can be an amazing tool and workout to a lean, strong figure, but when used properly.

Sir, please get certified, here, or here, or somewhere, (and of course I recommend here) but above all make sure you are leading by example with a good, if not flawless technique to ensure the safety of your clients.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to jump off this soapbox so I can get to my Kettlebell class.

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Well Hot Damn

I thought I had nothing to write about today: I was looking around the Internetz, looking for more blogs to put up from Jiu jitsu ladies, or just perusing to see what everyone else is up to, when I found a number of interesting things:

I found a blog that had a workout video from the former owner of our gym on a stranger’s blog.

I found links to two of my teammates blogs on a complete stranger’s site (I knew they wrote them, it just didn’t really hit home until then).

It was kind of fun, and a little interesting. I knew these guys had a blog/internet presence, but it never really hit home that others were watching and telling their friends about them. Will I tell my teammates that I have a blog as well? As horrible as it sounds, probably not.

It’s nothing against them: they are both great and people should totally read what they have to say, and I will sing their praises up one side and down another. The catch is the thought of letting them know makes me anxious for some reason, which to me means I am not ready. I feel it is much easier to make an ass out of yourself to people you don’t know (Hello Internet!) than in front of the people you do. Maybe someday I’ll grow a pair and reach out to them, but for now I would prefer not to.

::shrug:: It’s weird, I know, but that’s how my twisted little mind works. And hey, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it. And who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind and we’ll create one gigantic mass of links and networking for our team, and we will take over the internet!


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Does This Mean I Have to Fight Dr. Von Doom?

So amazingly even not training every single day (but I did start back up kettlebells! Woo!) I have been losing some weight, and am even planning on playing around with some of these moves: (Just skip to minute 1:41, trust me).

I might be incorporating kettlebells into the workout, mainly because it’s a ton easier to do mountain climbers when you are gripping onto a bell than just with your hands on the ground.

And…that’s about it.

Anyway, we have two new girls that joined our gym! Yay! And they are tiny!


I kind of feel big and oafish when training with them. I know I am not, but it kind of feels like that scene in Fantastic Four when The Thing tries to grab a glass and he smashes it accidentally, not realizing his own strength.

And yes, I did just reference the movie “The Fantastic Four”; not even the comic book, which I could kind of redeem what little self-respect I had. Meh.

It’ll be interesting to see how they progress, and how their game will develop as lighter, smaller women in the sport. This was originally a self defense art that was built with them in mind: the smaller, supposedly weaker of two opponents in order to dominate someone that was bigger (and we assume) stronger than them.

While they are progressing, in the meantime I will post the results of the no-gi tournament, and hopefully have more to report on some awesome moves and classes!


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