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Article on Weight Classes

Hey all, there’s an interesting article from Jess Fraser about weight classes and a lot of the weird weight issues that come with it.

I agree with her that for a lot of women it turns into an obsession to lose weight, to just get to that lower weight class, and easily becomes a fertile breeding ground for some real eating disorders and a variety of psychological issues. As someone who used to be heavier, it has often felt like a personal failure when I couldn’t get to that next weight class down that I was trying so hard to get to. Now? There’s still a little bit of that struggle, but frankly now I just sort of shrug my shoulders. I still work to lose weight for tournaments, but I’m not as worried about it. There have also been a series of tournaments where I’ve just said “screw it” and have registered for a higher weight class, just so I didn’t have to worry about making weight and could use that focus on other, important elements of my life.

And when I’ve done that, I’ve gotten questions from my fellow competitors about why I registered up a weight class, or even a look or two from the people running the tournaments when I weigh in way under the limit. It happens, but oh well- I’m there, I’m competing and I’m not being disqualified so let’s get the party started.

I wish I could impart that feeling on other competitors- and hell, even myself on those bad days, but it’s going to take a while before we all get to that point.

Anyway, check the article out and have a great day everyone!















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BJJ Competition: Your Weight Loss Strategy Could Be Making You Sick

It’s a cycle a lot of competitors have gone through, myself included: you train, you heavily restrict you diet to the point of borderline absurdity, and then adding insult to injury you come down with a cold either right before or immediately after your tournament.

An article recently published suggests that depriving the body of nutrients may suppress your immune system and as a result make you more prone to infection. I am by no means suggesting this is the only reason you get sick, but I thought it was pretty interesting and possibly something to consider when prepping for your next tournament.

Check it out!

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