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Photos from 2014 Pans Trip

Prepare yourselves everyone, because you’re about to get a whole bunch of photos from Pans.


We brought a teammate with us on the trip to act solely as our photographer. So thanks Rob! I know it’s a lot of photos of me (sorry) but if I wait for permission from all my teammates for all the photos, I’ll be posting this, oh, next month or so….Anyway, here we go!


Getting ready to compete- hooray! IBJJF also took some photos during my finals match in the Open Division:




That is the look of surprise- I knew I did everything I could, but neither of us had scored, and it’s always sort of nerve wracking to leave it up to a ref’s decision.


Hooray! 🙂


It was great to head out to Pans with all my teammates, a little over 20 competitors- we ate together, hung out together, and it was a really good time. It was great to watch everyone compete, to cheer for them and really watch each teammate work hard and really put themselves out there.


And after the competition we went to a trampoline park! It was super fun!


Overall it was a great trip and I’m super proud of our team. Yay!


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Competing at an IBJJF Event? Check Your Gi!

Shakia has a great point on her blog:  some brands that claim to be IBJJF approved may have at one point had products that fell in line with the Federation’s regulations, but if you go to a tournament say, tomorrow, they will not pass the uniform check. I tend to treat the IBJJF uniform check  a little like going through the TSA at the airport- I obey begrudgingly, a little anxious they will keep me from getting to my final destination. The usual standards are still there: make sure your collar and belt aren’t frayed, your sleeves and pant legs are the proper length, and all your patches are fastened to your gi, and finally your gi has to be primarily a solid white, blue or black. A little trim of color shouldn’t be a problem- a collar a completely different color will not work however. For no-gi, your rash guard can be black or white with at least 10% of your belt color, and then any academy logos and the logo of the company, I think within the lines of the text of the company’s logo…let me know if that didn’t make sense.

Or better yet, check out the rules site: IBJJF No-Gi uniform rules. Also, boys can wear black board shorts, girls can wear black board shorts or black lycra shorts/pants.

Here’s what’s interesting: when I was waiting to get my gi checked, a number of girls had to cut off the tags from the gi company sewn into the bottom of the pants. Not that I’m set to cause a fuss about it, because I figure that’s a pretty good way to get you on the IBJJF “No Fly” list, but I’m reading through the rule book and it states that the gi company’s tag is permitted at the bottom of the pants- section 8 if anyone wants to follow along. Is this a new edit to the IBJJF rule book? Is so, can there be an update to the site, like how there is a link to the no-gi requirements in the left hand side bar? Please and thank you.

So if you are looking to compete in an IBJJF tournament and are not entirely sure if your gi makes the cut, check the rules, but don’t be surprised if someone hands you a pair of scissors to snip off the tag on the bottom of your gi pants.

PS: I just looked through the rulebook- interesting fact, the guy in the white gi should always be on the ref’s left. The guy in the blue or black gi should always be in the ref’s right. Huh. I just follow the arm band, but didn’t think about what wrist they were keeping it on. Also, competitors are required to wear underwear, just the plain kind: no thongs. Don’t worry, I’m looking at both genders on this one.


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Our school won first place in team for adults.

Here’s the photo for proof- hooray!

results for February NAGA

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One Does Not Sight See at a Tournament

I’m not sure how it is for other academies when they go away for tournaments, but when we go there is rarely, if ever, any sight seeing.

When I mention to people that I am going to California, people usually express something to the effect of “oh, you should really check this out!”

Not to sound harsh, but for the majority of my trip I will be looking at three things: the inside of a gymnasium, the inside of a hotel room, and the inside of an airport (and yes, I used the oxford comma and I refuse to apologize for it).

Sure, we’ll go out to dinner in the evening, when we aren’t dieting, but during the day we are watching our teammates compete, or we are competing, or our coach is competing. And that about sums up the weekend. The team will also be going to San Diego to train at the University of Jiu Jitsu on Monday, but I am flying out on Sunday night and will be back in Philadelphia by that point.

The area around the event center is pretty, from what I see going to and from the event center. I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures for everyone one my way to and from. 🙂


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Jiu Jitsu Tournament in Philadelphia

Oh don’t mind me, I’m just going to leave this here…

Philly Jiu Jitsu and Judo Cup

Hope to see you there!

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Bringing Home 2 Gold Medals From The NAGA Tournament

Yay! Even though we got there a little late due to the heinous beach traffic that was working it’s way to the Jersey Shore (no, not that one, the other one) our team all got there in one piece, and brought home a butt-load of medals.

It was awesome.

My no-gi match was called a ‘super fight’ because there was only one other girl to fight, so we did and while we both did well, I won due to points, 6-0.

I didn’t try to any take downs, because honestly I don’t train that much in no-gi (I think the count of classes I’ve gone to can still be counted on both hands), but I played my game, I got in a sweep, and a number of submission attempts (including working for a triangle in the first minute or so), and even my instructor/coach said that it was very technical, which to me was the best compliment of the day.

For the gi division they actually found 2 other women to compete in the same division, so I did end up fighting the same girl again, who I won against due to points, and another girl who was a little taller than me, and also fought well, but in the end I caught her with a Bow and Arrow choke, while I was up on points, 12-0.

My other teammates also did an outstanding job, bringing home gold, silver, bronze and even a ridiculously big belt, which was not worn in public (unfortunately).  One downer was our purple belt girl was caught in a toe hold, but 1) we really don’t work on attacking the feet and 2) she really didn’t train all this week due to a minor sinus infection. There is always the next tournament though, and I look forward to snapping lots of pictures while she takes home the gold.

One thing I absolutely love about our team is that during the entire tournament we played really technical, actually very pretty jiu jitsu. Not that anyone means to do it, but there is such a prevalence of “truck-stop”, AKA “You owe me money, bitch” jiu jitsu; I know not all techniques are very pretty, but there are a number of techniques and alternatives that reflect more of the principle and art of the sport/self defense martial art. Our school tends to emphasis those techniques, and encourage people to train in that fashion, and I prefer it. It makes for better competition in my opinion, and all that more rewarding, win or lose, because you know that you played as best as your could.

One superficial, cosmetic question though: I know a lot of girls put their hair into cornrows to keep it from getting everywhere. but are there any other ways to tie everything back? I always look like a mess in competition photos, which I don’t care during the match, it’s just afterwards when I see the photos I say “Oh my…”

Any suggestions?

Here's looking at you, Kid


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Kind of Feels Like that Presentation in College That You Decided to “Just Wing”

That’s how I’m feeling about this tournament tomorrow. I have been training a good deal, both in gi and no-gi, but it’s nowhere near the amount that I feel I should have trained for this tournament.

And I’m kind of OK with that. In the spectrum of tournaments and level of importance, this actually ranks pretty low. I’m more concerned about both the in-house that happening later this month, and then there is the annual Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Tournament that is happening the first weekend of October in Oklahoma City. Those definitely have priority over this NAGA tournament.

It also doesn’t help NAGA’s case that they used to be the “anything goes” tournament for quite some time. As one instructor said “You could put a gun to someone’s head and shoot them: 2 points.”

They have cleaned up their act from what I have seen in the rules, but it will take a good amount of time before their reputation turns, and even still they will be referred to as “that tournament where there were really no rules.”

::shrug:: it sucks, but they are still making an attempt to be a little more respectable, which I can respect. I do have one question though regarding something you ban in your rules:

What the hell is the ‘Boston Crab’ Technique?

**UPDATE: I found out what the “Boston Crab Technique” is, and now you can all share in the cringing as you imagine what it does to both ankles**


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Limited posting for now

The internet is not really working in our new apartment (and by not working, I mean it’s there but the people who use it can’t remember the password for access), and since I feel weird about taking work time out to write and post (because none of this is pre-planned, as you may have noticed) there will be limited posting for a while.

Just a quick update though, I signed up with Livestrong.com to track my caloric intake…I have mixed feelings about this, which I will explain later.

Otherwise, still going to no-gi, still doing gi, and am planning on going to a NAGA tournament in August.

1,2,3, go!


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Does This Mean I Have to Fight Dr. Von Doom?

So amazingly even not training every single day (but I did start back up kettlebells! Woo!) I have been losing some weight, and am even planning on playing around with some of these moves: (Just skip to minute 1:41, trust me).

I might be incorporating kettlebells into the workout, mainly because it’s a ton easier to do mountain climbers when you are gripping onto a bell than just with your hands on the ground.

And…that’s about it.

Anyway, we have two new girls that joined our gym! Yay! And they are tiny!


I kind of feel big and oafish when training with them. I know I am not, but it kind of feels like that scene in Fantastic Four when The Thing tries to grab a glass and he smashes it accidentally, not realizing his own strength.

And yes, I did just reference the movie “The Fantastic Four”; not even the comic book, which I could kind of redeem what little self-respect I had. Meh.

It’ll be interesting to see how they progress, and how their game will develop as lighter, smaller women in the sport. This was originally a self defense art that was built with them in mind: the smaller, supposedly weaker of two opponents in order to dominate someone that was bigger (and we assume) stronger than them.

While they are progressing, in the meantime I will post the results of the no-gi tournament, and hopefully have more to report on some awesome moves and classes!


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Ways to Use this Cold to my Advantage

So I totally have a cold, and it sucks a big one, but I’m trying to think of ways to use this to my advantage…

1. I could drink lots and lots of hot tea and eat soup with lots of pepper to lose the water weight.

2. And hey, I could stay on a liquid diet, because that’s all I feel like eating anyway.

3. I could go to other gyms and claim to be interested in joining, and get all of them sick!

Those are the best ideas I have for now that would fit into the constructs of what I need to get ready for this tournament.

in all honesty, I probably should just stay in bed, but I can’t: I took a nap this afternoon, and I already feel like time is wasting, with me just sitting around, doing nothing. Max also has the sniffles, so I think he’s just going to have to be my training partner for the next couple of days, whether he likes it or not.

The couple that’s sick together, stays together ❤

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