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Oil and Water: Guillotines and Single/Double Leg Take Downs

Someone pointed out this article, and it makes me sad/really leery of going for a single or double leg takedown: what are they? They are ways to take down your opponent by crouching down “shooting” in and grabbing one or both legs to take your opponent down.

Fancy terminology, I know.

These guys are going in for one of these take downs and their opponent is applying a guillotine which looks like this:

What the guy on the bottom is doing is dropping to take the other guy down and the guy on top has an arm around their neck, and for some, bad things happen.

Vertebra are either shattering or becoming dislocated, and these guys become paralyzed, or die.

These moves are no joke; I would seriously consider taking them out of MMA and jiu jitsu competitions because of the risk. Granted, I can say these things because I’m not on any governing body of anything, but just as they ban kicks to the back of the head, I think there has to be some sort of “no guillotines while both competitors have two feet on the ground.” or something. Guillotines themselves shouldn’t be taken out of the equation, but this is an issue that should be addressed sooner than later.



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