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Ribeiro East Coast Tournament: a Success!

Hey Everyone,

This past weekend we had a tournament down in Virginia Beach for all of the East Coast affiliates in the Ribeiro Association: a number of schools competed for a pretty sweet trophy, made some great friendships and overall had a fantastic time.

How was your weekend? Let me know- otherwise, have a great day!


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BJJ Library Challenge- the Chosen 6

So Saulo, Xande and the folks over at BJJ library have chosen 6 black belts for (what I assume to be) an Ultimate Challenge: I’m not entirely sure of the specifics, but it seems to have to do with teaching different techniques to students in a sort of realtiy TV show concept.

Check out BJJ Library, or the Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Instagram (@ribeirojiujitsu) account to learn more!

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Weekend Wrap Up

Hey everyone, due to obligations all this weekend I wasn’t able to train or keep up to date with tourneys like Copa Podio. I heard Xande won, so hooray for Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu! Other than that…I got nothin’. Heard the Mayweather fight was pretty lackluster, and saw some photos from the IBJJF Dallas Open, which looked pretty good.

Hope everyone else’s weekend was fun/interesting/not boring or sucky. Anyone watch the Copa Podio? How was it?

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IBJJF American Nationals- results

Hooray for Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu!

We won first place for teams in both gi and no gi, which is pretty awesome.

Personally, I was disappointed in my performance, but no gi was a little better. I injured my knee last week, and honestly I think that got in my head a little and I focused more on what I couldn’t do than what I could.

While I wasn’t happy with my performance, I did write a note on my phone as to the areas I want to work on in the coming weeks and strengthen those weak areas.

I am also thinking of competing in the Abu dhabi pro trials on October 27th in Flushing, NY. We’ll see.

Hope everyone’s having a great Monday!

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