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Weak Links in Your Jiu Jitsu Academy Can Show Your Strength

We frequently mention how jiu jitsu is for everyone, and that most certainly is true: it is a sport that can be accommodating for the young, old, healthy, disabled, tall, short…The list goes on and on. 

You know the saying, “Your chain is only as strong as your weakest link”? It would be easy, convenient even, to only cater to the super athletes: the ones who can pick up a technique with ease and have no trouble understanding what to do, and do it well within the first few tries. Easy, but not very conducive to promoting diversity in an academy. Personally, a good jiu jitsu program is one that can accommodate both the star athletes and…well, the rest of us. 

A pretty tall order, I know, but that diversity of men and women, young and old, etc. is typically the sign of a healthy academy: one that shows either one, or several instructors who can adjust their teaching methods to the class, who have the patience and are willing to take the time to teach each type of student so they fully understand the techniques. 

And from a business standpoint, it’s a pretty smart tactic- there are only so many athletic people out there willing to try jiu jitsu, so many older people, women, and young kids, etc. By putting out the effort to teach all of them, there’s a much better chance of a larger student body, and a more likely possibility that a business owner will be able to pay their rent and keep a roof over their heads. 

So, in short “weak links” in your academy should not be ignored or excluded: they show the strength of your jiu jitsu program and how the art and sport can be adapted to fit anyone needs. 

That’s all I’ve got for today- have a great day everyone! 


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Quick Post: Pans Results

Hey everyone: today is our last day in California, so we’re packing up and getting ready to go to trampoline world (!!) before flying back to Philly.

I’ll write more in depth about how everyone did and stuff later, but I’m super proud of my team- putting all their effort out there, working their hardest and trying their best: it’s been great, and even those who lost have a fire lit under them and they are determined to fix their mistakes and improve. It’s super awesome and I can’t wait to train, see them progress, and of course personally progress as well.

As for my divisions, I won gold, twice! Hooray! Thanks to all the ladies who came out and competed: it was an honor and a pleasure to compete with you! As soon as we get back to the east coast though it’s time to fix some weak areas (because really, no one is perfect) and get ready for NY Open in April.

That’s all for now: have a great day everyone!


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Ladies’ Night!

The team is having a ladies’ night out tonight-yay!

I’ll let you all know how it goes.


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