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Pans Training Camp Weekend

In preparation for Pans this week, our academy had a training camp during the entire weekend- hours of drilling, positional training, we even threw in some strength & conditioning and a yoga session. It was a good time, and in addition to a great training session, just a fantastic time to be around friends and teammates.

I’ll post some photos when I get them (I know, I never seem to take photos of these events- usually because I’m in the middle of doing said activity). How does your academy get ready for a big tournament? Let me know- otherwise, have a great day everyone!

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Kettlebell Group Class Teaching Course

For anyone that’s interested, our academy holds group kettlebell classes, and will be holding a course on how to teach/hold a group class, as well as common errors people make when they first start.

Check out Maxercise.com for more details, or email me at thatclassybroad at the gmail for more information.

Update: sorry, some experience working with kettlebells is required.

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Jiu Jitsu Training Camp!

This weekend the gym is holding an all-weekend training camp for competitors, in preparation for upcoming tournaments. I think it’s going to be filled with a lot of hard work, but overall a lot of fun. The entire weekend has been planned out not only for training sessions, but also some strength & conditioning, yoga, and some other stuff.

Admittedly there’s a running session that I’m not particularly looking forward to, but overall I’m excited for this weekend as odd as that sounds. Anyone else do these at their academy? Just an entire weekend, or week of a training camp? Let me know, and if there is anything in particular you guys do during the camp.

Otherwise, have a great Wednesday everyone!


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A Friendly Workout Reminder

I’ve been training/working out a lot recently in preparation for some tournaments coming up, and I just wanted to offer these photos as a friendly reminder, if you find yourself lifting weights frequently be sure to trim or file down your calluses:


Not as bad as having them ripped off, but still not very comfortable.

Learn from my mistake, don’t ignore your calluses. And that’s the end of my public service announcement.

Have a great day everyone!

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Happy 22nd Birthday to Our Academy!

Our gym turned 22 yesterday, so of course I did what every self respecting student would do…

I developed some stomach issues, forgot my gi and ended up having to work late.


But, I offer my heartfelt happy anniversary to one of the first BJJ schools on the East Coast, one of the first kettlebell gyms in the country, and home to some of the toughest competitors I know and have the pleasure to train with, Maxercise!

Maxercise MMA Academy

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Fit and Fat at the Gym

Hey guys, something weird is going on with the WordPress login screen, so I’m going to make this short.

Interestingly, when I was heavier I was still (sporadically) going going to the gym several times a week. There’s an article on the site Jezebel about working out when your heavier that I could certainly relate to (I’ll post the link later when WP lets me log on an actual computer). There’s a certain feeling that heavier people should hide in the background, slink in and out and barely noticed: we’re invading “fit people country” and if we wanted to stay there we should be quiet and stealthy, like chubby ninjas.

Hm, I like that imagery.

Anyway, i’m in a place where that mindset doesn’t exist thankfully, and i can see that it needs to be abolished on both sides of the fence. Fit and getting fit can live in harmony, but both sides need to be willing to take the first step.


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Eating More to Weight Less

You know when people tell you to do something, and they explain it’s against natural instinct and common sense, but to do it anyway because that’s what it takes to accomplish your goal? Like when I worked at a coffee shop in high school, and figured out Italians were a bit nutty, because they decided left was the way to turn screws to tighten them, and right was the way to loosen them. At least this particular espresso machine company. It was a little maddening at first, to say the least.

All my life it’s been “eat less [calories], weigh less”. And other than my moratorium in college, I essentially worked to follow that tenant- if I ate less calories, I would weigh less, right?

But now after spending years being active and developing muscle, I’ve been introduced to a new guideline: eat more, to weigh less. Healthy stuff, obviously. And while I have been attempting to work with this new formula, it just feels counter-intuitive, even when I see successful results. My first reaction when I see the numbers on the scale climb is to cut calories and increase physical activity: which is what I think we were all taught from an early age. So, I sort of have to talk myself out of that first instinctual reaction and force myself to eat more, which actually has produced some successful results.

While I’m not suggesting to do something completely against conventional wisdom, like say run a red light or eat food in your fridge that’s obviously past due, I would say be open to a suggestion that may seem a little counter intuitive- as long as it does not cause any damage to your physical and/or emotional self, or could possibly result in incarceration.

Have fun!




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Sometimes the Cup is Just Full

Yet again I promised I would make it to a Muay Thai class, and yet again I failed in sticking around. I feel like a bribe may be in order, to convince myself to stick around for the extra hour and a half, like say an acai smoothie (mmmm….delicious!)  which may totally undo all the good that is done during the actual class, but hey, it’s a bribe, it’s supposed to be delicious and decadent.

Or I could just admit that at the moment, the metaphorical cup is full. In addition to work, my schedule involves a lot of training….and working out…and more training, and maybe even more training in a different martial art isn’t exactly what I need right now. For some reason I am ridiculously prone to over-training/under-recovering, and where I am at the moment just may be exactly where I need to be.

We all do it to ourselves: we somehow come to the belief that we are not strong enough, fast enough, and we need to work harder to get there. And to be perfectly honest, more often than not we are right. We rarely push ourselves when we really need to. Bot occasionally we really do push ourselves to a point where it is just not physically possible to add anymore to the pile- to fill the cup any further. And we have to be okay with that for the moment: our bodies adapt, situations change, and we can add more on, but there does need to be a period of adjustment, and that’s ok.

…But now I really want an acai smoothie. D’oh!



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Tenacity: I Has it.

On Wednesday night I did a bunch of kettlebell snatches (which I’ll provide a video link in just a minute) and accidentally ripped a callus off of my left hand…ew.

So what did I do today? I went back to the gym and did 100 snatches! It was baseline to see if we could do 100 repetitions in 5 minutes. I finished in four.

Take that, stupid raw spot on my hand.

…That is all.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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It’s Hot, Stay Hydrated

Not very poetic or thought provoking, but here on the East Coast it’s been pretty toasty the past couple of days. Even if your gym is air conditioned, don’t tempt fate and please, just keep yourself hydrated….

That is all.

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