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Happy Friday! Respectful Competitor Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

If there is one thing you could say about the jiu jitsu community, it’s that for the most part its participants and competitors are tremendously respectful, particularly at the higher levels.

GracieMag recently published an article about how one competitor, Monique Elias of Alliance, injured her ankle during one of her matches at Pans. And, true to the character of a jiu jitsu player (aka, being stubborn as all hell), Elias decided to continuing to compete even with her injury.

The tournament continued, and none of her competitors went after the ankle- which, it didn’t even occur to me until it was mentioned in the article, but technically it’s not illegal to attack an injured limb.

It’s the respect they had for her- and for their own technique, I feel, that made everyone avoid her injured ankle. Everyone wants to win, obviously, but they also want to show their skill, and respect their fellow competitors. Personally it wouldn’t even occur to me to attack an injured limb- if anything, in all honesty I would try to avoid it at all costs. What sort of skill and technique mastery are you displaying by intentionally exacerbating an existing injury?

I’m totally going to geek out on all of you for a second, I’d like to think jiu jitsu players take a page from Firefly character Malcolm Reynolds’ book. In one scene a character asks if Reynolds will shoot him in his sleep:


Have a great weekend everyone!

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