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The Olympics and Wresting

Well, this seems to be the week of major announcements: the Catholic pope resigns, North Korea plays its hand as being all aboard the crazy train, and wrestling is removed from the Olympics.

I do think that practitioners of any sport removed of course would be upset, but wresting I feel just doesn’t make that much sense. But again, I speak from a grappling background. I just really feel if they had to remove some sports, there are a number of other ones that should have been either removed- I’m looking at you, table tennis.

Maybe wrestling will be reinstated in the following games, maybe not. If this is something you want to petition, I am currently scouring my facebook feed for the link to one someone mentioned. I’ll be sure to post it up if I find it.

What other sports do you think they could have done away with before wrestling was put on the chopping block?


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