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Happy Friday! Never You Will Never Be As High Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

Ok, this is probably going to be the last time I mention this, mainly because I hate beating a dead horse, but I saw this online and giggled a little:

nick diaz high

That’s all for today folks- have a great weekend!

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The Puzzling Case of Nick Diaz

The talk of the (MMA) town this week has been about Nick Diaz, his disappearing act, and the consequences that followed.

It was like playing a game of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”

As a result of not showing up for press conferences, he was removed from the title fight against French Canadian Fleur de Lis fanatic, George St. Pierre during UFC 137, taking place October 29th. Charles Condit was then pulled from his match with BJ Penn on the same card to face St. Pierre, and then when Diaz finally made an appearance, he was placed back on the card to face Penn.

I think the UFC has turned into one of the few jobs on the planet now where you can not show up, not perform the job you were hired to do, and still get paid. Dana White has mentioned before that you have to screw up pretty badly to get kicked out of the UFC, but this is kind of ridiculous.

Everyone does things at their jobs that they don’t want to do, because that’s what the job description entails. You get through the sucky parts to get to the good parts. If Diaz has social anxiety issues, fine: we all know you smoke up dude, come in high and coast through the interview. Or, use some of that health insurance we know the UFC gave you and go on medication to deal with it. There is better living though chemistry and it benefits thousands, if not millions every single day.


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