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Happy Friday!

Hey, I don’t have that much time to write a post today, but I just want to wish everyone a great day: work hard, play hard, train hard and have a good weekend!

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I Work Out….

I saw this on my facebook feed (courtesy of Fitocracy) and thought it was pretty funny: check it out!

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Links around the Internet

Here are what some other people are talking about on the internetz…

Georgette explains the ABC’s of the latest Presidential debate.

David from the Jiu Jitsu Laboratory Offers a more in depth review and critique of the Metamoris fights.

Julia talks about her goals and methodology for a new project: Operation Tattered Belt– And references both Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so of course I highly recommend reading this blog post.

Rick from Middle Age BJJ got his purple belt!

And last but cetainly not least, Lapelchoke.com has a nice highlight video of Xande and Saulo during Masters & Seniors World Championship


Check them out!




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Metamoris: a Good Start

So Sunday night I watched Metamoris, and I have to say it was a good start to what will hopefully be a number of these tournaments, even with the rough patches and broadcasting issues. The biggest problem I feel were the draws- which, I mean happen and are certainly understandable, it’s just I feel there should have been some other safeguard in place, or some measure that could be taken to discourage a draw.

Some options would include either some small reward for the fighter who made obvious attempts to drive the fight, but that leads to a whole new set of problems.  One teammate suggested have the prize shrink in size as the match goes on, to encourage fighters to hustle, even in the face of the 20 minute time limit.

I feel this a good event and I would like to see more of them, but with just this one issue slightly tweaked while still maintaining the essence of  “no points, just submissions”.

That, the inclusion of women’s matches, and 2 commentators who know how to fill the gaps between matches, rather than just one: I’m looking at you, guy-who’s-not-Rener.

PS: making this a quarterly or semi-annual event to offer an opportunity to include more top level BJJ practitioners from around the country would also be pretty sweet. Just saying.


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Wait, People….Lie? Non-BJJ Related Post

So I think we can safely say that I visit the social fitness site Fitocracy a lot. It’s fun, people are helpful, supportive, nerdy (like me!) and the site is actually pretty helpful in coming up with new routines when you find yourself running on empty in the creative department. The site just premiered its very own iPhone app, which has led to a number of new users to join the site. As is expected.

What makes me turn my head to the side a like a dog who doesn’t quite understand what is being said to him, is the willingness of some people to track absolutely absurd, obviously fake workouts for the sole purpose of leveling up.


Call it a case of being naive, but I don’t see the point of putting in all that time putting in the data of a fictitious workout and not actually doing anything.

Congratulations, you’re a liar, and you didn’t put in any real effort for your reward.

Sure, it’s disappointing to work your face off and to see it didn’t really amount for too much in terms of points, but that’s not the ultimate point of working out. We are all different: shapes, sizes and abilities. What may be hard for me could be easy for you, and vice-versa, which doesn’t make the points fair sometimes, but whatever, that’s life and more of a motivation to progress. Part of the fun of working out and training is the sense of accomplishment after the session, especially something that was previously thought of as impossible. What a feeling of triumph!  You did it, and tomorrow you’ll have another chance to “do the impossible”.

The site is more of a supplementary tool, with a supportive, positive online community to back you, which speaking from personal experience is one of the biggest assets to your success when starting any sort of fitness program: people who will not only give you advice, but will also cheer you on when you progress toward your goal. And the website is free! You get all these tools for your success, for nothing! All anyone asks in return is a positive attitude, some effort and sweat, and most importantly some honesty when it comes to your physical activity.

It’s a silly thing to rant about, but it’s 10 times more silly to take the time to write down you did 1,000,000 crunches with a 50 pound weight on your chest, then cycled for 24 hours straight at 100 miles an hour over The Rocky Mountains. All in one workout.

Not to downplay anyone’s level of physical fitness, but to that I have to use a phrase the kids on the internet are saying these days:

“Pics, or it didn’t happen.”


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My Honesty (And Competitiveness) Will Be the Death of Me

I think in the next few weeks bedroom floors and mat space will be strewn with grapplers who, true to their competitive spirits, got a little too much into leveling up on the site “Fitocracy”.

I have been reading some of the comments people have been posting, such as from fellow BJJ blogger Julia, about how they were done for the day, but noticed they only needed x amount of points to get to the next level, and so did some extra exercising to get to the next level.

I also thought about doing this…I was only 1188 points from leveling up again: easy….


Thankfully common sense took over. Since I’ll be working out this evening, I’ll wait to do any workout stuff until then, so I’m trying not to think of ways to work out and level up until I get to the gym (push-ups in the office bathroom-a bit much?)

What’s funny is that I’m not even competing against anyone…I’m competing against myself, like I will somehow “win” at fitness. Sadly, this is not the first time I have felt this urge: immediately after my first class of Bikram (read: shweaty) yoga, I vowed to somehow “win” at yoga. Which is also quite impossible to do, I’m pretty sure.

All that being said, if I survive my own competitive nature, I will look fantastic for a trip I am taking in January.



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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday, 11.2.11

So, there’s an MMA fighter, Pat Barry, who posts videos of himself training, traveling and what-not. There are very few of these videos that I have not laughed to the point of tears.

Here are some examples:


Enjoy, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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This Post Has Absolutely Nothing to do with Jiu Jitsu

Sorry guys, but there is a site that I wanted to direct you to for just a second. It as nothing to do with jiu jitsu, MMA and all that other fun stuff, but could still be helpful. We’ll get back to the grappling in just a minute.

Listen, I don’t know your situation, Internet & Co., but I imagine everyone has been through some tough times at some point, and they have faced moments of fear, doubt: a feeling of loss and hopelessness. Some more than others, I can imagine, and you had no idea where to turn to, feeling alone in those dark hours.

In response, there is this:

This is where a site called Band Back Together comes in: it’s a free, moderated site for people to come together and share their stories, the good and the bad. Additionally there are resources posted on the site, so someone can get the help and support they need outside of the internet. As stated by the founder, who is known as “Aunt Becky”:

“I realized that being inclusive is stupid and came to the conclusion that what we needed, what the INTERNET needed, was a safe, moderated space for everyone to share their stories. ALL of their stories.

I pictured Band Back Together, back when it was still an embryo, as a library. I’d collect the stories from all of my friends out there, all the stories of heartbreak and love, joy and loss, sorrow and happyness, and pair them with resources.”

“You decided that stigma was bullshit and you used your words to let the world know that you are more than a diagnosis. You were greater than a statistic. You are more than your past. You have survived and you are proud.”-from her blog post, “We Are None of Us Alone”

I have to admit, it puts me perilously close to tears whenever I try to read something on it-both happy and sad tears-it’s one of the best things I have seen on the internet. Well I mean, after Cake Wrecks, of course.

Sorry to be so off topic, but I felt compelled to share.

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A Lot Going On Right Now…

Hey, I’m doing stuff for work, and I have no more video for you, but here are some blogs you should check out:

Jason over at Heavy Training: be sure to congratulate him on his purple belt!

John and Maggie over at 30 Days Free in Philly to read more about how we all did in the recent tournaments we competed in.

Lex over at his training blog and NY Open and other tidbits.

Eric and his teaching and competition experience over at Philly Judo and BJJ

And of course the ever fierce ladies on their pages, such as BJJgrrl, CombatSportsReview and Georgette

Go! Read!

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Abu Dhabi and Stuff

Please by all means go to the LapelChoke website to check out what’s going on with the Abu Dhadi Pro tournament: I’m sure it’s infinitely more interesting than what I have been up to: crashing email, printers that won’t work, software refusing to open, forgetting my gi pants for class, sinus pressure and all other sorts of tomfoolery.

I’ll have something more interesting  to post tomorrow, I swear. But for now, get all international-like and check out what’s going on at the tournament!

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