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I’m Going to Look So Pretty

I have to run out to the store this afternoon and buy some concealer.

Why? Because a sweet, unassuming orange belt judoka head-butted my left eye socket.

And I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. Awesome.

I’m not holding anything against her, it’s just one of those funny things that happen in life.

I will totally post a tutorial or something on how to cover this mess up. Usually I would just wear the black eye, but something tells me the bride won’t exactly appreciate photos of her special day with an attendee that looks like she got into a fist fight.

Last night we worked on high-collar, double lapel harai goshi. It was a nice class, and it also happened to be the last class the Judo club will have in our academy. They were actually always two entities, the judo club and the jiu jitsu academy. They just happened to share the same roof, and as a consequence a number of the same members were also shared.

There was a great opportunity for the judo club to have its own space, and is logical, took the chance.

When they get their website up and everything I will definitely post it up here, and I can’t wait to see their new digs 🙂


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