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Congratulations to Teammates who competed at NAGA Battle at the Beach

This past weekend a chunk of our team went out to NAGA’s Battle at the Beach and competed. Some matches were won, some lost, but overall everyone did really well. It was great to see what everyone has drilled and practiced over the past weeks. It’s always nerve-wracking to compete, particularly in the beginning, and I’m thrilled that so many of our teammates decided to face that anxiety and fears, and compete anyway. Hooray!

Congratulations, guys!

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Metamoris 4 Trailer: Dean Lister vs Josh Barnett

So I just watched the trailer for Metamoris 4 promoting the Dean Lister/Josh Barnett fight. It looks pretty interesting. Both guys are great grapplers, and this should be an interesting match.

Take a look and let me know your thoughts, including who you think will win…Otherwise, have a great day everyone!

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Happy Friday: Leg Lock (or Lack Thereof) Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

Science of Skill posted two graphs about why we all suck at leg locks. A lot of people apparently have said they lack the proper instructions, and want to learn the basics.

Personally, I’m bad at them for entirely different reasons: first, I don’t practice them enough to really see/take advantage of an opening unless it’s staring me blatantly in the face. I’m getting better at that, but still…

And second, my aim is off. Or I have a short torso. One or the other- the point is, in the middle of training I don’t seem to get my hips in the right spot, which really circles back to “I don’t practice them enough”….

Well, I guess we all know what I’m thinking about working on this summer.

Are you good at leg locks? Do you not even concern yourself with them, due to rank or riskiness of the technique? Or do you accept that it’s not really in your “A” game arsenal. Let me know- otherwise, have a great weekend everyone!


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Videos of the WPJJC, Courtesy of DSTRYRsg

Good morning everyone!

So admittedly I did not watch any of the WPJJC matches live. But, if you are just like me and missed all the action, you are in luck: DSTRYRsg was kind enough to post matches from the tournament onto their site.

Unfortunately there are no women’s matches on their page- if anyone knows where we could find those, let me know.

Check them out, and have a great day everyone!

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Happy Friday: Juji Gatame Turnover Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

Stephan Kesting put up a nice little video on his blog about defending what we call in our academy the juji gatame turnover, or what they are calling the “Ronda Rousey rolling armbar”. Kesting also implies there’s some drama going on between Rousey and some former teachers/training partners, but whatevs- this looks like a pretty cool video and may give you an option if you find yourself in that position.

Check it out, enjoy, and have a great weekend!


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Being a Good Athlete Doesn’t Automatically Make You a Good Person

I imagine I’m going to get a lot of “well, duh” comments for what I am about to say, but it’s something that has been brought to the attention of the bjj/grappling/MMA community lately. It’s something we all know, but would rather not talk about about: becoming better at the sport, martial art, discipline, whatever, an improvement in physical ability does not guarantee an improvement in character.

The opportunity is there, to be sure. And score upon scores of people can attest to this improvement: your years of training your body to withstand (mostly) self-imposed physical rigors also present chances, time and time again to withstand (again, mostly self-imposed) psychological stress and rigors- patience, generosity, fortitude- your training experience for the most part can, or should be rife with experiences that can make you a better human being overall. But some people don’t take these lessons to heart, or they appear to understand these lessons that have been taught, but something just doesn’t seem to stick, or they don’t feel these lessons apply to them. Or maybe that’s just not what they are into jiu jitsu, or whatever respective discipline for: I’m not going to give examples because I’m sure you already have one or two names that have come to mind, and frankly I feel it’s a bit gauche on my part.

Saulo has mentioned all of this before in talking about how there is a difference between a winner and a champion. A winner is someone who possesses a sole, all consuming goal in mind: to win a tournament or competition at any cost. A champion however is someone who possesses grace and sportsmanlike conduct, and does his best on and off the mat, and tying in with the whole Ribeiro Association, works to either appreciate or embody the qualities on each blade of the Ribeiro logo: loyalty, honor, respect, family, discipline and attitude (which I usually take to mean a willingness to assume leadership role, but really that’s sort of a mouthful). I don’t really know how other associations operate, but I really like the fact that there is an emphasis not only to be the best you can in jiu jitsu,  but to also apply those lessons to every aspect of your life-and really make yourself a better human being. Maybe other associations also focus on this: I’m not sure, again, I’m only speaking from personal experience.

Anyway, the good news is in my mind at least, those who don’t pick up on these lessons are a minority: I think a lot of people do take these lessons offered and really become better people because of it. But again, this transformation, improvement in character is not guaranteed; this transformation doesn’t really happen through osmosis. Granted sometimes these lessons sneak up from behind and blindside you; but while this improvement in character is available to all students, the jiu jitsuka/grappler/person also has to be willing to accept these lessons and put in the work to see that personal growth.



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Interview from a Ring Boy

Much thanks to Georgette for sharing this: amateur MMA fighter Eddie Wittern was supposed to fight in an event on September 7th, but his opponent sustained an injury and will not be able to compete. What could have been a bummer became awesome as Wittern decided to become a ringboy for the female fighters at the event.

Check it out! 

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Gabi Garcia’s Gi Competition Dilemma

Gabi Garcia, from Bloody Elbow


Black belt Gabi Garcia recently reported that she was going to move away from competition in the gi and focus more one tournaments such as ADCC and her MMA career. According to Garcia (and totally borrowed from Megan at Tangled Triangle):

“I want to fight MMA now. I don’t know when I will fight on a GI again. I’m unmotivated, not because I think I’m invincible, but we need to find another challenge. Many people is not fighting the absolute class, focusing on the weight classes, and I need another goal in life. If I am able to get down my weight, and if UFC or other events begin to have bigger weight classes, I will get down my weight as much as possible. Now I am going to train to defend my title in the ADCC.”

While I can’t really blame her, there are a whole lot of “if’s” in that remark and I do question the possible jump to MMA, especially in the near future. Yes, fight organizations such as the UFC and Invicta are beginning to include women’s divisions, but even if/when she goes into MMA, her opportunities to fight at the moment (and I feel for a while) will be limited at best. Let’s be blunt, Gabi’s a whole lotta woman- at 6’2, and reportedly about 235lbs, she’s really in a size and weight class all her own, male or female. Her chances of finding competition that can come close in size are very slim. Personally I think her chances of competing are better in ADCC, where due to their weight and skill criteria for women, and she probably has more people potentially her size to compete against, even if they are at a lower belt/skill level. I also think she shouldn’t give up just yet on gi tournaments- more women are becoming black belts, and they are coming up in all shapes and sizes, and so hopefully sooner rather than later she will have some new competition to go against. Again though, we’re depending on a very big “if”, which can be frustrating.

Also, personally I think it would be interesting to see Gabi compete against MMA fighter Cris Cyborg. Cyborg is a brown belt, but I also think she would give Gabi the fight she has been looking for in these different competitions. That’s just my personal opinion.

What do you guys think? Should she pack the gi away? Will she have the competition she is looking for in MMA? Or do you think there are just too many unknown variables and there’s really no way of predicting what will happen? Let me know!


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Video of Grappling Woman Dominating

Hey everyone, hope you all are having a good (or at least passable) Monday: I just got back from a trip, so while I’m getting myself together and re-acclimated to my current routine and time zone, check out this video posted by DSTRYRSG of a woman grappling and successfully submitting a guy. There is an expletive at the end, so I would suggest playing it on mute if you’re watching it somewhere that would frown on that sort of thing.

Have a great day!

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The Transgendered MMA Fighter Dilemma

I’m in the middle of running around getting ready to fly off to California, so to be perfectly honest I haven’t done that much writing, here or creatively (it feels wrong not to, so that’s a good sign the routine is taking hold).

However, here’s an interesting article for you to read though: it’s about a transgendered MMA fighter who underwent surgery to become a female in 2006 and now wants to fight other females. One fighter is saying she will not fight her, due to the unknown element of what has changes in concern to the fighter’s body composition versus what has remained from her time as a male.

It’s uncharted territory, and just when I think I know what side of the fence I am on, something else comes up and I’m unsure again.

I have to admit I am not well versed in how gender reassignment affects the body in a long term sense, and I think not many others know either, and that’s what bothers people. From what I can tell, transgendered male to female patients receive hormone replacement therapy treatments for up to 10 years to fully go through their change. Fox has her gender reassignment in 2006, so she may (or may not) have been taking hormones up until now. We tell women all the time that they can lift a bunch because their bodies can’t produce the amount of testosterone it would take to bulk up, so theoretically shouldn’t that be the same for Fox? She no longer produces that key hormone which I feel would give her the  strength advantage over her opponents. Men also tend to be stronger in the upper body than the lower, but again I don’t think there would be much of a difference to consider it unfair.

I know in some ways I am simplifying the matter, but again, I don’t really know that much about gender reassignment. I’m more of a Shakespeare, sci-fi, comic book kind of gal (which btw Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing” is coming out on June 7th! Squee!) so this isn’t really something I have interest in reading into.

I think with time this issue most certainly can be resolved. Rules will be made, regulations will be put into place in concern to transgendered females and males (hey, it could happen. Maybe.) when it comes to competition and proper testing. In the meantime we here in the peanut gallery will continue to scratch our heads and hope someone out there has a better idea of how to handle the situation.


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