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Some Articles to Check Out

So I caught some interesting articles over the weekend, that I think you may want to read as well:

Graciemag posted an article on How Jiu Jitsu makes you a Better Professional

And speaking of business and professionalism, Megan over at GiFreak talks about the Lessons We Should Learn from the Lloyd Irvin Scandal

Check them out!

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Google+ Clark Gracie Seminar Review

Google Plus


Due to a series of events, I wasn’t able to go to class, BUT I did have the opportunity to watch the Clark Gracie seminar on Google +

Before viewing I hoped my reaction would be a whole lot of this:

The Skirt Impressed

…That’s an impressed and intrigued look, btw. Hooray for webcams! 

and very little this:

The skirt, not impressed

Definitely not impressed. 

For the most part the webinar succeeded: the “Google Hangout” was a little delayed, and the interview bit in the beginning was a little long, as it took up nearly half of the seminar. It wasn’t that the conversation wasn’t interesting: truth be told I know very little of Clark Gracie, but I am also aware how sometimes a technique can take some time to describe.

The moves looked fun, but as someone who needs to watch and then do a particular technique to truly understand, that’s really all it was, fun. It looks like it’s going to become a regular thing with Graciemag, so if you have Google+ account and some free time on your hands on a Wednesday, I would say check out one of them.

In the meantime if anyone needs me, I’ll be in the Google+ science community, reading articles and geeking out. Oh yeah!


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GracieMag Covering IBJJF Events, Now on Google Plus

Not going to lie, I was hoping for some sort of Google hangout action with some of the fights: which may be happening and I am checking my computer at the wrong times.

I don’t think it’s a terrible idea, but uploading some clips and matches would be pretty sweet, and add to the appeal of having Graciemag use Google Plus as their main platform. I mean, isn’t that one of the main perks of using Google Plus, the fact that Google owns Youtube?

Graciemag is just getting its sea-legs on the new platform, so we’ll see how it turns out. I will keep my fingers crossed that the hangouts and live streaming are in the near future for GracieMag.

Oh, and shameless plug: I am also on Google Plus, here, with a ridiculously long URL because that’s apparently how Google likes to roll.


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