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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday, 7.13.2011

Reported by Rachel of mmahotstuff.com (@mmahotstuff on Twitter), George St. Pierre or “GSP” was at a nightclub “getting his bump & grind on” with a fellow club attendee. I only watched a few brief seconds of GSP’s smooth moves on the dance floor, and stopped for two reasons. Well, three actually:

1) Because it felt slightly voyeuristic and an invasion of privacy.

2) This was not some sort of performance art piece: it’s a white guy dancing in a social setting. There was nothing really that special about it.

3) I was kind of hoping that he danced like this:

So all I have left to say is this: play on, player.

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I noticed on “The Twitter” today that George St. Pierre mentioned he was getting his suit in preparation of his fight this Saturday against Jake Shields.

He does look quite nice in a suit

Although no one can rock like Kenny Florian can in the traditional samurai outfit…

(Courtesy of the UFC website and Kenny Florian’s Guide to Attending the UFC 129 Expo)


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