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Does This Mean I Have to Fight Dr. Von Doom?

So amazingly even not training every single day (but I did start back up kettlebells! Woo!) I have been losing some weight, and am even planning on playing around with some of these moves: (Just skip to minute 1:41, trust me).

I might be incorporating kettlebells into the workout, mainly because it’s a ton easier to do mountain climbers when you are gripping onto a bell than just with your hands on the ground.

And…that’s about it.

Anyway, we have two new girls that joined our gym! Yay! And they are tiny!


I kind of feel big and oafish when training with them. I know I am not, but it kind of feels like that scene in Fantastic Four when The Thing tries to grab a glass and he smashes it accidentally, not realizing his own strength.

And yes, I did just reference the movie “The Fantastic Four”; not even the comic book, which I could kind of redeem what little self-respect I had. Meh.

It’ll be interesting to see how they progress, and how their game will develop as lighter, smaller women in the sport. This was originally a self defense art that was built with them in mind: the smaller, supposedly weaker of two opponents in order to dominate someone that was bigger (and we assume) stronger than them.

While they are progressing, in the meantime I will post the results of the no-gi tournament, and hopefully have more to report on some awesome moves and classes!


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