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The Side Effects of Intentional Drilling in BJJ

We’ve talked before about drilling to hone your skills, and being intentional with your movement- there’s a fun side effect of drilling that we haven’t really talked about- and that’s becoming familiar with your own idiosyncrasies and ways of moving your body in order to complete the technique.

At first we focus so much on the basis when learning a move, or even learning to drill a technique- we make sure we’re hitting all the key pieces, the milestones that define the technique we are looking to execute, and then we even start to look for ways that we can refine that technique to be faster, more efficient.

But in analysis of our own techniques, sometimes we also pick up the quirky little things we do when performing a move: I noticed last night I do a little hop when doing a specific takedown- it was probably born out of trying to avoid tripping over the other person when they hit the ground, but it’s still just one of those funny little things that you don’t think about until you’ve done that one specific thing over, and over, and over again.

Just one of those funny little things I noticed and thought I would share- are there any funny things you notice when you perform certain techniques? Let me know, otherwise have a great day everyone!

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