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Nothing really to write about today

Last night was class, but I wasn’t feeling so well so Max went to class and I took the night off. One of the good things about dating someone that trains at the same gym is that if one of you misses, the other can still go to class and then both can review later.

Which is exactly what we are doing later today.

Granted, this being said, you of course will never get the amount of detail that your instructor will show in the class itself, but this is an adequate substitution until whatever technique is shown again.

I guess I should also mention at this point that this is not a recommendation to go out and attach yourself to the closest guy you can find that trains with you. The relationship with Max and I is based on a lot of things: our mutual interest in jiu jitsu just happened to be a bonus.

There’s always a fine line to walk if you do date someone in your academy, and I would suggest treating it as you would dating someone at work. However you treat dating someone at work, because after you two break up, there is a good chance that both of you will still train at the same academy, I would think. It is certainly tempting though, someone that shares the same interest as you, is most likely at the gym or academy the same time, understands why you aren’t home until late and where all those bruises came from.

But as I stated, it’s something to be cautious of, just like you would at work.

Anyway, enough with the meandering thoughts, Catch you all on the flip side!

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