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Happy Monday!

Friday night was a bit special for our academy- we had a couple of students earn some stripes, and another one of our students became a black belt! our teammate Jeanne also happens to be a dear friend of mine, so it was exciting to see her achieve this tremendous milestone.

I’m super happy for her and the fact that she reached this part of her jiu jitsu journey- and it’s exciting that out of 3 out of the 12 female black belts in PA all under one roof.

Just wanted to share with you all- have a great day everyone!




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Pretty Awesome Weekend

This weekend, I have to say, was pretty awesome. And by weekend, I really mean Saturday and Saturday night, because at the tail end of Saturday night I realized I had caught a teammate’s cold, and so spent Sunday laying around doing nothing.

As I had mentioned previously, Saulo came and held a seminar, actually one seminar that was broken into separate 2 hour sessions, one for the white belts and one for the higher level belts. That was pretty awesome in itself. What happened in between was especially sweet.

Maggie got her belt and our instructor/coach/go-to-guy, John got his black belt! Hooray!

Back to the seminar(s) for a quick second, I was only there for a tail end of it, since it had been decided for space issues that the day should be broken into two sessions. I was able to see the last bit though; and Saulo not only went over some of the basics moves essential for our white belts to focus on, but also what it means to be a part of the Ribeiro Association. Each blade of the star on the Ribeiro patch means something, and he explained what each blade represented.

The second part of the seminar we went over more essential moves we need to know, or trademarks of the association, if you will. They were also pretty cool, and he actually gave some great pointers on passing the half guard on both the top and the bottom which I will definitely be trying later.

Later on we went and celebrated John and Maggie’s promotions with drinks, food along with some pool and teaching Saulo how to play darts.

It was a great night, and I was really happy for them, and happy that so many people came out and celebrated, as I am sure John and Maggie were happy about as well.

Congratulations guys, and a thank you to Saulo for a great seminar!


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