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The Necessity of Etiquette in an Academy

It may seem silly- I totally get it- but believe it or not etiquette really does have place in an academy.

There are several reasons why etiquette is necessary in an academy, and it may surprise you. First and foremost, safety. There are certain things you allowed and not allowed to do in a gym simply because it’s not safe to do whatever you want. By doing so, you could potentially put yourself and your teammates at risk of injury or disease.

Second reason? Respect. It shows respect to your partners, respect to your coach/instructor, and respect to your academy. And they do deserve a level of respect: they are taking the time out of their day to roll with you. You can use a grappling dummy all day, but it’s nothing compared to drilling and rolling with a real, live human.

So while it may seem unusual, it is important to follow the etiquette of the academy.

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