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MMA Fighter Israel Adesanya Receives Purple Belt

I know, I’m a little late to the party in delivering the news, but Israel Adesanya just received his purple belt form Andre Galvao. Congratulations! Honestly I really haven’t watched him fight, I’ve just seen his super fun walk out routines. (you can find one of his routines here if for some reason you haven’t seen them) – I’m sure I’ll get around to watching one of his matches…. at some point….

Anyway, I’m sure however that it’s well earned- congrats to him!

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Galvao Is Not a Guy You Want To Mess With

Usually I leave the large images until Wednesday, but this was just too good to pass up: during the IBJJF World Championships this weekend, one of Andre Galvao’s students was put into an illegal kneebar and had to tap. The ref, rather than disqualifying the competitor, awarded the offender the win to advance.

And here is what Galvao thought of that:

He would be the very angry one in the white shirt.

It takes a mighty pair of brass ones to make a wrong call, then stick with it when someone with that face jumps over a barricade to argue with you.

Galvao was then disqualified from competing for jumping over the barricade, and banned from the venue for the day, I guess to encourage that he cool off.


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