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Diego Sanchez and his Only Fans Account

So, you may have heard that Diego Sanchez set up and is currently promoting his Only Fans account… If you are not sure what Only Fans is, it’s like an alternative to Patreon- content creators ask fans to sign up and pay a monthly fee for exclusive content. Only Fans however has made a name for itself however by being a site that is popular with online sex workers and content creators who specialize in that niche.

I quickly checked out what I could without signing up for it, and I’m honestly trying to decide if it was an honest interpretation of the platform (oh, this is for only fans, and only my fans will sign up- great!) or if this was a brilliant strategy to get people to check out the site and sign up for his channel…. While I would love to think it’s the latter-just some brilliant publicity move- I would not be surprised if it was just the former.

Anyway, at face value it does not appear Diego is selling anything too salacious on the site, he’s really just offering a space for his fans to subscribe and keep up with his training, interviews, and (I sincerely hope) his “Yes” cartwheels.

Have a great day everyone!

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