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Tattoos and Jiu Jitsu Part 2: This Time I’m the Guinea Pig

So, a few years ago I wrote a post about doing jiu jitsu after getting a tattoo– I used other people’s experiences and recommendations to write that post because I did not have one myself.

Well, I’m back with a round 2- this time sharing my personal experience. I went and got a tattoo Tuesday night, on the right side of my torso. Which, side note, if anyone is in Philly and wants a tattoo, I would definitely recommend the guy that I went to- Eric Guntor at Floating World Tattoos. He was very nice, polite, totally worked with me on the design and ultimately made the whole experience as pleasant as, you know, having a needle repeatedly stabbed into you could be. Studio by all appearances was clean and well maintained, there was tons of gloves/plastic protective covering of things, disinfecting, opening of fresh packets, all that good stuff.

At the end he put a clear, sticky film on the tattoo, so that’s what’s covering it right now. I haven’t trained since getting the tattoo- less specifically because of the tattoo itself, but certainly added to the reasons why I haven’t been in class (but like, reason 4 or 5). the site feels slightly sore, but nothing that distracts me from doing things. I was told to keep the film on for a while and that it could be kept on for up to 5 days (and yes, I can shower with it). It’s day like, 2.5, so I figure I’ll take the film off tomorrow morning.

There’s really only been one small complication, and it’s 100% a “me” problem. There’s been some mild chafing at the end of the plastic film, particularly at one of the corners. I’ve cut that small corner off the film- there’s a little bit of redness at the edge of the film, but the same thing happens when I wear band-aids or medical tape for an extended period of time, so there’s nothing to worry about.

So, I’ll be training Friday night, so we’ll see how it feels then. It’s really not that exciting of a story, I know, but considering we’re talking about something that has happened to my body, I’m glad it’s a fairly bland/unexciting story, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I’ll be training Friday night, so I’ll report on how that goes on Monday. In the meantime, have a great day everyone!












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