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Different Levels of Success With Techniques in BJJ

Pretty sure this is one of those things we know, but don’t really talk about. There are really different levels of success when it comes to certain techniques.

Some are our black belt techniques. It’s those techniques that we have a relative mastery over (regardless of how you feel about your personal level of skill), the ones that keep your partner on their toes, or they keep tapping to regardless how hard they try not to.

Then, there are the mid level techniques- the ones that you have some middling success with. You have some success with them, but there’s definitely still some work to be done. You’re not as confident with them, but they are well on their way to becoming techniques that you master.

And then there are the new-ish techniques, the ones that you are still trying to find your groove with, the ones with low success rate, or you still need to tweak to feel comfortable with, before you can start to fine tune the execution.

The thing with jiu jitsu is that you will pretty much have techniques in your toolbelt that live in all 3 of those categories. Even at black belt and beyond there will be techniques that you’ll find that you haven’t mastered: it’s a process that will take the rest of your life- which for some is exciting, the idea there is some new, undiscovered piece of jiu jitsu they haven’t explored thoroughly- it’s something to be inspired by.

On the other side of that coin, for some it can be daunting, the idea of a perpetually unfinished facet of their game that will always need work: I would ask those people to take heart, and understand that they don’t have to be good at ALL the jiu jitsu to enjoy it. Just like there are miles and miles of unexplored depths to the ocean, that doesn’t mean that you can’t head to the beach and enjoy the surf and parts you know.

Just some thoughts I wanted to share with you all: have a great day everyone!


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