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It seems to be a thing now, right? Everywhere you turn it feels like someone is promoting CBD oils/tinctures/salves/ointments/you name it to people in the jiu jitsu community. CBD is in the middle of an avocado-like wave of popularity both amongst BJJ players and in the general population. In Philly we had at least one ice cream company touting a line of ice cream with CBD oil in it, and there’s at least one bar in town that I know of that will add CBD to cocktails for you. Back to the jiu jitsu world, there are tons of recovery gels, drops that you can take, and even Monkey Tape at one point had a version of their finger tape with CBD in it- I just took a look at their site though and it seems like they don’t carry the product anymore.

In a lot of ways it makes sense: cannabidiol is effective in a lot of ways for anxiety and pain treatment, with relatively few (that I’m aware of) side effects. Like Tiger Balm but with the additional psychological benefits. Or the pain relief/anti-inflammatory properties of ibuprofen without the whole “eating a hole through your stomach” thing. And CBD is not a prohibited substance by the WDA (but THC is still a no-no).

Personally, I’ve been using CBD before bed to help improve my quality of sleep: not that it knocks me out or anything, but I do find it a easier to relax as I’m falling asleep, and I’ve noticed an improvement in the quality of sleep that I get when I use CBD vs without.

What do you think about the popularity of CBD oil use in jiu jitsu? Think it’s great? Think it’s terrible? Or pretty indifferent about the whole thing? Personally, I think there are a good deal of beneficial properties to CBD and generally I think it’s a good idea that athletes are using CBD: training several times a week is hard on the body, and so we need to be just as smart about our recovery as we are about our training. And if CBD can help that along in a more or less organic fashion with relatively few side effects, then hey, I’m all for it.

Let me know your thoughts- otherwise, have a great day everyone!







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