Training While You’re Injured: We All Know You’re Tough, Just Tap

I’m always a little hesitant to roll with people when they are injured- if I do, I have a tendency to say “if something hurts too much, just let me know” knowing that there is still a chance they will not.

Listen, we all know that you’re tough and a brave little toaster, and that you want to get back to training at your normal speed, but you’re also injured- you hurt your hand/wrist/knee/entire body, and while you may be ready to put it behind you, but your body may not be at that point just yet.

We think it’s great that you’re on the mat, but don’t let your need to roll now impede your future recovery: we’ve all done it, and trust me, it sucks. Still come to class, still drill and train (within reason) but still take your body into consideration- jiu jitsu is a lifetime kind of sport, and you still have years upon years to keep training: a couple of rolling sessions where you take it a little easier won’t hurt, I promise.

That’s it for now- have a great day everyone!



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